Scenes from Saturday + Swings & Swaps

This past week I explained one of my design patterns to someone at work. Then I explained it again. And then one more time.

Later that day, the girls left their lunch dishes on the table and the front door open. I may not have shown the same level of restraint. That made me pause. Why was I giving a mostly anonymous work colleague more patience and understanding than my own family? Had I used it all up earlier in the day? Was it because work is more public? Or that I get paid?

Those all seem like terrible excuses. It’s sometimes easy to forget that these kids are tiny people and should get the same patience and understanding as everyone else in my life. Actually, they should get more. They deserve more.

The girls had their collective minds blown when characters from two separate Disney shows appeared on the same show.

Clearly I had some work to do to educate them about the long history of NBC must-see TV crossover episodes including Urkel single-handedly creating the TGIF universe showing up on Full House to help Stephanie feel better about wearing glasses.

Or, perhaps the all-time greatest crossover cameo: Li’l Sebastian appearing on The Good Place. Because of course Li’l Sebastian was in the good place.

A rare no high heels piano performance as the auditions creep closer.

The girls have informed me that I am not a professional judge and my opinion doesn’t really count in these matters.

My parents are cleaning out their house, my childhood home, in preparation to move. And they are uncovering many unique… treasures. Such as many childhood Bibles. Why did we need so many Bibles?

And the pinnacle of my scouting career, my Cub Scouts shirt, which led down some interesting Google holes and some new knowledge that their is a thriving second-hand trading scene for vintage Cub Scout pins.

Michelle health update: she is feeling much better and we’ve moved into the cautious quarantine phase where she is out of a strict lockdown but still wearing her mask inside around the rest of us. She was however feeling well enough for an easy run.

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Big news: the swap station will finally re-open in just two short weeks.

Get ready for many, many pics of Michelle cleaning out the past two years of accumulated “stuff” from both the basement and the garage.

She was almost hyperventilating with excitement at the news.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you get rid of five cubic yards of mulch? One shovelful at a time.

Ally did end up helping when I explained the mulch might cut down on weeding later in the year.

I still think mulch is mostly a lucrative scam by the landscaping industry.

Might be time to rethink, or at least reinforce, the old swing set we inherited from the previous owner when we moved.

What happens when you’re on the ball and prepared and get a fancy dress three months in advance of the event? You outgrow it and then have to get one altered and panic shop for a second, new one.

Ally was in her element when she visited the salon for braids and a bang trim.

She asked me for my five favorite salons and was very disappointed to learn I only go to one place and he only has a single comb, set of scissors, some clippers, and jar of barbercide. He does however have many, man opinions about the socio-economic plight of our country.

Mulch and shopping done, we shipped Ally off to a sleep-under pajama birthday party.

I’m pretty sure seven out of 10 girls were wearing the purple universe comfy.

Michelle then satisfied her quarantine craving for some BBQ salmon and chicken.

We then spent most of the rest of the night trying to explain the Catalina wine mixer, the biggest helicopter-leasing event in the Western Hemisphere since 1997, to Cecilia.

And the fact that the director of Step Brothers has an Oscar.


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