Scenes from Saturday + Swiftie Prep

One of my favorite metaphors for both parenting and writing is gardening and I bumped into another one this week: the rule of thumb for perennial plants, “Sleep, Leap, Creep.”

In the first year, a perennial will focus on its foundation, anchoring its roots. The next year, the plant comes out of a dormant winter and starts to grow. Then in the third year, it takes off and comes into its full form.

That might be the best (generous) description of both a teenager and trying to do creative work that I’ve seen. That or Patchett’s I am a compost heap. Or Eno’s beautiful things grow out of sh*t. Good reminders that any of it takes time and it is always messy.

A definite sign that Dash is fully back to feeling like himself. He once again firmly believes that our basement workouts are really early morning times dedicated to playing with his vast squeaky toy collection.

Also, happy birthday little man. You are officially 11 today and still a puppy at heart.

I was pretty well versed in Taylor Swift’s music but it turns out I was pretty ignorant of the surrounding concert culture.

Ally has been making bracelets all week in anticipation or trading or giving them away to fellow Swifties.

Tiny beads replaced glitter for the week as my number one vacuum nemesis.

Speaking of small things. This little recipe for a mini loaf of foccacia was the best thing I baked all week. A perfect little size to satisfy a carb craving without going in for a full sheet pan.

I baked this loaf in a round 6″ cake pan but it would also would work well in a loaf pan. Be sure to generously sprinkle cheese around the edges about halfway through baking!

Sad to say but I didn’t make it to the end of no mow May. There were legitimate concerns that our 19-year-old lawn mower might die if I waited another week. D

It took two passes but the old girl got it done.

Also, they don’t really make push mowers for people my height. Or they didn’t in 2004. And don’t tell me you’re surprised that we own a two decade old mower.

In addition to the Taylor Swift concert tonight, Cecilia has her eighth grade trip to Washington, D.C. next week. Somehow they ended up in the makeup aisle when shopping for snacks.

It’s not all that easy to find non-perishable, non-nut, non-crap snacks. At least ones that will please a fourteen year old and be eaten on a bus.

Some crap made it into the basket, essential nail polish too because the spring palette of DC is not the same as Boston. C’mon, Dad.

After the stress of snack shopping, we needed a relaxing dinner option. You know what that means?

Couch-side nachos and the people’s opiate! Lawrence Welk.

After two nights of wind whispering sneak previews at the windows where they tried to identify songs based on bass beats and occasional snatches of lyrics, tonight is the night!

I can confirm that Ally did fall asleep at some point.


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