Scenes from Saturday + Sweat & Old Couches

[If you don’t subscribe to the book newsletter, a quick update on the next book] It is the dog days of summer and I am in the dog days of writing the next book. I’m approaching half way. If I look over my shoulder, I can no longer see the bright and exciting beginning. If I look ahead, it’s still a bit dark and mysterious. How are you going to get out this one, Max? The only way to find out is to keep going. Get on that treadmill and get some words down each day.

When that happens? Happiness and light. But it does have a darker side. Chasing happiness, even just through writing, can be exhausting. This time around I’m trying instead to focus on being grateful.

G.K. Chesterton said, “I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought and gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.”

Unlike happiness, which is more a (fleeting) feeling, gratitude, I think, can be cultivated as a practice. It is a verb, something you do. Happiness is worth acknowledging, but gratitude is worth practicing.

The day started with an early run but it was already hot. I re-affirmed my hyperhydrosis which I prefer to think of as a cooling superpower and not the reason I need to put puppy pads down on the car seat on the drive home so I don’t soak the seats.

The girls had set up camp on the couch by the time I was back. Anytime I can get Ce to smile now before 3 in the afternoon, I count as a winning Dad moment.

We took a break from the Cape this week even though the beach breezes might have been nice to prep for the upcoming kitchen demo and renovation.

Here is Michelle in her happy place cleaning out cabinets and filling garbage bags.

This is also the first time in seven years in this house that all the Tupperware has lids.

The great first floor clean out also included the living room couch. Also known as Dash’s couch. This is where he keeps watch on the cul-de-sac. Or stares at me while I write and wonders why I’m not walking him.

One last couch cuddle before our friend with a truck (almost as good as a friend with a boat or a friend with a pool) came and picked it up for its last ride to the transfer station.

A children’s dentist with cute puppies in the lobby. Have they no shame?

Allison will also no longer ever consider another dentist that doesn’t have dogs as part of the treatment plan.

Before the heat wave put everything on hold, the girls were going to be in our neighbor’s music video on Sunday so that required shopping for some accessories. And later practicing some choreography.

We swung by the transfer station ourselves later to drop off all those bags Michelle filled.

We didn’t see the couch. Maybe it wasn’t the couch’s last ride. That’s what I’m going to believe. Everything that ends up at the transfer station finds a new happy home.

It was dinner and a cooling dip at the pool to finish Saturday.

Check that. It was a stop for a ice cream on the way home to finish up a sunny and hot Saturday.

Everyone was grateful for soft serve on a summer evening.

We were also grateful for air conditioning at home.


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