Scenes from Saturday + Swans & Spaghetti

A few weeks ago both girls did their piano guild auditions. In another few weeks, they both have their dance recitals. Both things require practice and commitment. Both girls did fine at their auditions. And I’m sure they will do fine at their recital. But I had the nagging sense, in my mind, that they could have done better. They could have practiced more, worked on those rough spots more. It bothered me that they couldn’t or didn’t see this. They were happy with their performances and shrugged off any mistakes.

Why was I getting upset? Why did I care more than they did?

Which is ridiculous and mostly just me projecting my baggage onto them. I’m sure they will learn to care more as they mature but they are also kids and, I often forget, feel and interpret things differently than me. And my adult way isn’t necessarily right or more correct. A kid’s innocence shouldn’t be corrupted too early.

Maybe I should take that lesson and shrug more things off, too.

A remarkably boring Saturday morning didn’t translate to a lot of photos but keep scrolling as the afternoon improved.

Chelle and I did some morning running while Cece worked on her egg game.

A Friday night burn means a Saturday clean up. Note: wood ash is alkaline, so adding it to a compost pile can help balance the tendency of most compost to be more acidic.

For those that kindly asked last week, Dash has recovered and is now cone and stitch-free and back to living the good life.

Michelle’s Mother’s Day request was dinner in the city. So Saturday after lunch we headed into Boston. It was a nice change from our last visit in February when the city was very, very quiet. Not back to normal but welcome signs of life.

We’ve lived up here for over twenty years and we finally took a ride on the swan boats. The family of Ally’s first grade teacher last year owns the boats and gives all the kids a free ticket. One day we’ll also ride a duck boat and get to the top of the Bunker Hill monument.

The tulips were slightly past their peak but the Public Garden provided a nice backdrop for more than one wedding shoot.

There are fancier places in the city and tastier but we’ve yet to find a more consistent and affordable place than Giacomo’s for good southern Italian.

Michelle and I did some serious damage to the zuppa de pesce.

Ally did her own damage to a plate of fried mozzarella.

Eating in the Pru courtyard is not quite strolling down the Via Del Corso but after a large plate of pasta finishing with una coppa con due gusti no matter where you eat it is a nice way to end a Saturday.

Happy Mother’s Day!