Scenes from Saturday + Sunshine & Sombreros

Last day of vacation yesterday and it feels like a success. The hurricane almost completely missed the Cape. The girls alternated their freak outs to one of them per day. Michelle only attended one work meeting. There were boat drinks and lobster rolls, bike rides and sunsets. Still masks and distancing but we made the best of it.

We did learn our school fate on Friday and after all the hand wringing and anticipation, I think finding out on vacation wasn’t a bad thing. Just another reminder that so much is always out of our control. I’m learning this lesson very slowly. Best to focus on the response. Learn our lessons from the spring and try to be better prepared and less fragile in the fall. Be a little less broken and a little more improved. Antifragile. That’s a homeschooling lesson the kids can potentially learn from.

Dash loves playing Goldilocks at the Cape. Throughout the night, he moves from bed to bed in the bunkhouse room, trying different blankets and checking in on everyone.

We started the day with the requisite couch time. Even on vacation it takes at least one show for the caffeine to kick in. Check out those zombie faces. And this is after we upgraded the Cape TVs to have streaming options. Imagine their horror in previous years. Commercials!

After the caffeine, we went for a run. Running is the one time Michelle and I personality swap. For some reason, I get bubbly and chatty and Michelle gets close-mouthed and surly. And don’t let the photo fool you. She was not power-Mom walking. We got the last mile into the mid-eights. You should have heard the things coming out of her mouth!

He may be middle aged now, but Dash still loves the playground slide.

The most divisive topic on the Cape? Who has the best lobster roll. People have strong opinions and long-standing allegiances. Hot? Cold? Toasted? Not toasted? Buttered? We branched out and tried someplace new in nearby Orleans. It was no frills and a touch too heavy on the mayo but you couldn’t beat the price ($13) or the off-the-boat freshness.

After lunch, the morning marine layer had dissipated and there was time for one last beach afternoon (and more importantly more beach boat drinks).

The girls’ friend has a boat (the best kind of friend) and they spent a good chunk of the afternoon speeding across the bay on a giant tubing sombrero. You couldn’t really see them but you could definitely hear their screams from the beach.

Don’t be fooled. That’s not hot coffee in that Yeti.

The one prerequisite for our week on the Cape is making the final seafood risotto feast. Our pressure cooker kicked the bucket but this baked recipe worked really well, too.

Last day of vacation means a last push to get that puzzle finished.

That’s the end of vacation week but I think there may be some more Cape homeschooling opportunities through the fall…



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