Scenes from Saturday + Spa’s & Ma’s

The girls still have so many questions about all this. So many that I can’t really answer. Not in any satisfying way. That’s what I find so strange and disconcerting about this whole situation. There are no simple answers or precedents or plans that we can follow. Any wisdom or experience I have from being older, being the Dad, is tangential at best. It often leaves me feeling a bit adrift. Though that could just be the daily physical and mental exhaustion I constantly feel. It’s totally normal for an adult to need a nap by 10:30 a.m., right?

I know that they don’t really need any exact answers. They are really looking for assurance or some perspective that things are going to work out and get back to some semblance of normal. Or maybe they just want to hear that story about me eating the Nerf ball again. That always seems to help.

I don’t really know how to help them but I know they are watching. I don’t want to teach them anxiety and fear. Or to be selfish. Or reckless. The best I can do is teach them to be courageous. To keep going forward even when they don’t have all the answers. That’s what Mom’s and Dad’s do.

On this roller coaster, last week was a bit rough but we kept going. We made it to another Saturday. With so many events, activities, and trips being canceled the girls needed something to look forward to. Michelle decided that Saturday was going to be spa day.

But first, we started with a little Michelle Obama. Much better than the Tanner family. Much better than even a solid Jan plotline.

This is what happens when Michelle goes to the food store unsupervised.

Flurries and wind chills that had us contemplating using up the rest of the firewood made it a good day to stay inside and spa. Yeah, it can be a verb.

Mom warmed up the piano for the girls. You see the tripod there because they had to film their memorized pieces today for the virtual guild auditions.

I think they enjoyed the getting fancy part more than the actual playing. Then again, not too many opportunities to get fancy these days so why not?

Before they had their own spa day, the real man of the house had to have his. It’s a race to see who can be more of a furry mess, him or me, before the barbers open up again. On one hand it’s great that my hair remembers how to act like it’s 1993. On the other hand, 1993 was a terrible year for hair.

I’m not sure Ally truly embraced the relaxing part of spa day, she was more into spa/dance day, but they had fun.

And there were so many masks. So many. But everyone survived with no chemical burns.

And some colorful nails.

I wasn’t completely idle (only partially) during the spa afternoon. I made some cinnamon bun bread for Mother’s Day French toast.

Okay, Dash and I did sneak in a little of our R ‘n R. This was my reward for running on the treadmill.

We kept up the Michelle Obama theme by having some cauliflower mac ‘n cheese for dinner.

It really is kid friendly. Ally had three helpings.

Finally, in what’s becoming a weekend tradition, a game night with friends which always gets us laughing and forgetting about why we are stuck on yet another video call. And why playing the kazoo is so overrated.

Happy Mother’s Day. The world needs you now more than ever…



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