Scenes from Saturday + Sparkles!

Michelle saved me Friday afternoon. Full disclosure, she saves me at least once day, but this one was special and saved me from shaky hands, flop sweat and tears of frustration.

I spend most of the year living in fear of that specific Friday in late April where I’m in charge of costume changes and headpiece placements. You’d think I’d be better at it by this point with two girls and four recitals under my belt, but bobby pins, mascara and tulle remain opaque cosmic mysteries to me.

There’s more hope for me making successful small talk with an auditorium full of strangers than for me to correctly do dance hair and makeup, so we all breathed a sigh of relief when Michelle was able to leave work early and make it home in time to take over for me. I was demoted back to dance driver and better for it.

So if Friday night was about rehearsals, our Saturday was consumed by the recital itself and the excitement, glitter, sparkles, highs, lows and more glitter that goes with what has become an annual Saturday event.


Recital or not, we start where we always do. With a whirlwind grandparent visit, they may have stayed up a little late….


Grandmother and Papa came bearing gifts, Amish market donuts, much to Ally’s delight….


…and even more sparkles.


They are still working on that sisters’s traveling circus routine. Just ask and they will demonstrate it!


After breakfast, when the sequins and prep kits came out, Dad quickly got out. I was on flower duty. Flowers I can handle. I always used to wonder why the supermarket dyed those daises odd colors. Turns out its specifically for father’s with young daughters.

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Ally was riding a bit of an emotional roller coaster before the show. First excited, then crying at the house and then almost manic backstage! I usually only see this face on Halloween night after 4 bags of Skittles.


Take this with a biased grain of salt, but the girls did great. I love seeing their confidence and stage presence grow each year. They owned it. Be thankful, I limited myself to just a few pictures.


After the show, and suffering through more pictures, it was time to celebrate with a special lunch.

They worked up quite an appetite, and with the nerves of the show gone, quite a bit of silliness.


No matter how full, kids always have room for dessert.


After stuffing ourselves, we took advantage of the nice weather and went for a family walk (i.e., Operation Kids Asleep before Sunset) at the old hospital grounds.


Back home, it was time for baths, comfy clothes and reviewing all the dance recital pictures and footage.


And some proseco. We definitely earned the proseco today.


Now, does anyone know how to get glitter off a keyboard….



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