Scenes from Saturday + Sparkle Paint

It was a cold, gray, damp blanket of a Saturday. We have packed agendas with First Communions and dance recitals the next two weekends, but this weekend was low key. One birthday party today, but nothing else on the docket.

Michelle had a surprise baby shower in the city yesterday, so I was flying solo most of the day. Any time this happens my main goal is to exhaust the kids so much that bedtime by 7 pm is not only logical, but an absolute necessity as the kids melt into a puddle of incoherent insanity. 

I started planning potential events and activities on Thursday to be sure I could sap the little monsters of their life force and have the wine opened by 7:15. Here’s how it all went down.

We start like we do every Saturday. On the couch in our PJs watching Full House. This week it was the episode where R.E.M. figure into the plot line. Really. It made even less sense than a typical episode. The girls loved it.

Not 30 seconds after this picture was taken, the yolk from her egg sandwich exploded across her shirt. Thumbs up on a well-cooked egg sandwich. Thumbs down on being dumb enough to let her attempt to eat it on the couch. Blame it on not yet finishing my coffee. So….


We moved into the kitchen for the rest of breakfast. Not sure what or why Allison is making that face. I bought the right cottage cheese this time. This girl is the farthest things from lactose intolerant. They should name that far end of the scale for her. She is a fiend for anything dairy.


Before Michelle went off into the city with the ladies, I was able to get a run in. A raw, chapped, semi-long run. I was really hoping to be done with the hat and gloves running season, but at the start of the run it had barely cracked 40 degrees. For the record, I still keep the shorts on.


Came home from the run and found the kids cleaning out the refrigerator. Was not expecting that. Really enjoying this phase where they like to do chores that involve cleaning. I wish this extended to straightening their rooms but I’ll take what I can get.


Stop #1 on the Saturday solo parent tour was The Kid’s Place in Needham. A drop-in arts and crafts studio where they could paint and get messy and I wouldn’t have to clean it up. Win, win. The girls had fun doing a painting, gluing and sparkle resin project. I enjoyed the free coffee and donuts. This will definitely be a repeat activity.

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Ally being goofy. She has a real talent for crossing her eyes. She can almost control each eye independently. It freaks me out anytime she does it. Which is often since she knows it gives me the willies.


Cece is the serious one. I wonder where she gets that? If only her focus also extended to second grade math problems.


After we finished up at The Kid’s Place, we headed over to Bertucci’s for lunch. Normally, my disdain for chain pizza and chains in general would keep us from walking in the door, but the lunch deal appeals to my frugal nature and I knew the leftovers could also serve as dinner. Plus, I enjoy the look on their face when I ask for my third salad.

Pretty sure if we broke it down, 83% of these girls’s diet would be some form of pasta.


The other 17% would be desserts.


After lunch it was the old parental stand by sure to wear down the children: the pool! This option has infinite more appeal now that I can safely sit poolside and just observe as they kick, swim and float their way turn into wrinkled, chlorinated little trolls. 


I almost overplayed my hand. I had to work extra hard to keep Ally awake on the 10 minute drive home from the pool. Letting a 4 year old fall asleep after 4 o’clock is a parental disaster. If that child falls asleep for even fifteen minutes you can abandon all hope of her falling asleep again before Kimmel comes on. Thankfully a rousing rendition of ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ got us all home awake.

They ate their lunch leftovers for dinner and stayed awake (zombie-style) through all of The Secret Life of Pets.


Then disaster….five minutes before the movie ended Mom came home and threw off the bedtime timeline. At this point, I passed the baton and let her take over. She got them to bed. The wine was opened. And the day was done.




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