Scenes from Saturday + Soups & Sofas

French fries provided me with an important parenting lesson this week. We made some curly fries Thursday night (with the new oven’s air fryer setting, of course). When I took the pan out, Ally looked and pointed out that a few had arranged themselves into the approximation of a smile. Later, Ce came down and pointed to the same group and said it looked like a frowning face.

French fries as personality test. And a reminder.

Parents can’t draw a picture. Not in ink. You can’t even really have a firm plan. Not of parenting. Not of your family. Not of each of your kids. You don’t know how it’s going to go. You don’t even have a say in a lot of it. You need to loosely hold the wheel and be willing to adjust. To be flexible.

To always be ready to learn and to change and to approach each kid on their own terms.

Frowning or smiling. Curly fries or tater tots.

It was a full hoody and blanket morning. And they didn’t even go outside for a bright and brisk morning run.

It was also a split squad parenting day.

It was High School Musical Jr. production weekend with two shows on Saturday and Michelle working the concessions in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, Ally had a birthday party.

Dash was also preparing for his big day.

Michelle was still hand curating the yard in an effort to maintain her zero leaf policy.

The kids continue to put on a great show and it’s fun to watch the changes and improvements throughout the weekend.

One final matinee and bow for Ms. Tenny on Sunday.

Gotta be performance ready. Practicing Frosty in full voice and full heels.

Michelle declared that the kitchen was ‘done enough’ (the painters should finish by Wednesday) and we had a soft opening with some friends over for dinner.

Two big pots of soup and we opened those bottles that have been sitting on the shelf forever. Party practically takes care of itself.

The oven’s air fryer doesn’t work quite as well as the smaller standalone units but it’s about 85% as good and much, much bigger. Big enough for a whole tray of meatballs in one shot.

Inspired by her birthday party at an escape room, we had to solve some clues to find the next bottle of wine.

Notice the ‘crushed ice’ white variant now on the walls.

We solved the puzzle. Cookies, wine, and a fire to finish off the night.

I hope you see a smile in your fries today. Have a nice Sunday!


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