Scenes from Saturday + Solos & Santa

After the all shopping (and one Amazon guy showing up at 5:45 a.m.), all the year end work evaluations, all the baking, and all the holiday party small talk, I’m really looking forward to Dead Week.

“Dead Week… is a week off from the forward-motion drive of the rest of the year. It is a time against ambition and against striving. Whatever we hoped to finish is either finished or it’s not going to happen this week, and all our successes and failures from the previous year are already tallied up. It’s too late for everything; Dead Week is the luxurious relief of giving up.”

I’d quibble with the giving up part. Personally, it’s more of a letting go and looking back. It’s eating junk, not getting on the treadmill, taking longer walks and longer baths. It’s hitting pause and preparing ready for the new year.

Bring on Dead Week.

It’s almost here, but not yet. There was still baking and holiday dinner prep.

There was no early morning run, however after a late night Holiday Pops concert on Friday to kick the Christmas season into high gear.

Allison was anything but in high gear.

She is definitely not a morning person.

She is the one telling us not to get her up too early on Christmas morning.

Like a true pro, though, she did turn it on when she needed to. It was a full two hour dress rehearsal for her upcoming solo performance.

Reality and nerves are setting in but she’s putting in the work.

The waters have mostly receded from our woods path and Dash received many compliments on his dapper holiday attire during our walk.

He was not quite as enthusiastic about his holiday bath, but he also handled the situation like a pro.

It’s the holiday season at the Transfer Station, too.

Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday next week.

Don’t forget to breakdown those boxes before you go throwing them in the recycle compactors!

All the cookies had been baked by Saturday, but that did not mean the baking was done. It was time to start prepping hand pies, sticky buns, cinnamon rolls, and loaves of bread.

Christmas carbs are in full effect.

I never feel closer to my Jersey roots than when I’m cruising the Turnpike (but really won’t miss that this year) or mixing up some dough in one of my Johnson’s popcorn containers.

If you weren’t home yesterday, check your mailbox or porch, my elves were out delivering cookies.

Finally, we finished up the day with our annual visit to Santa. There wasn’t too much push back (we went under cover of darkness) though I’m not sure how many more visits there will be in the future.

Gotta savor each one and look forward to new traditions.

There are probably better places out there, maybe better Santas, definitely better decor, but 14 years ago we went to Walpole Mall and we’ve been going back ever since. Donohues are nothing if not loyal.

Along with the arcade, we might single-handedly be keeping the mall afloat.

Peace and joy no matter how you celebrate the season.

And enjoy your Dead Week!


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