Scenes from Saturday + Soles & Soles

We are rounding the bend toward the end of the year, a time for gratitude, reflection, family, parties, small talk, and… stress. The happy holidays can quickly be derailed by trying to do too much, or spend too much, or see too many people.

The silver lining? If you fall into this trap, it’s a very predictable tradition. It happens every year.

In a world where there is a constant battle for our time and attention, we need proper (digital and interpersonal) boundaries to support our health.

Like a lot of parenting, the solution can often be misconstrued. Especially by teenagers. Setting boundaries is not about being overly strict or mean, it’s about knowing yourself, and knowing your kids, and being aware enough to know what is good for your family and what ultimately might be self-destructive.

TL;DR: To control your life, control what you pay attention to. Your attention determines the experiences you have, and the experiences you have determine the life you live.

We started the day with some wrapping. Or we tried to. Dash has always loved Christmas and opening presents. He sniffed out his gift very quickly.

After a three year hiatus, the Soles Potluck Breakfast run was back.

And that meant the return of our favorite Canadian-inspired breakfast food: hand pies!

(Timbits are a close second.)

I wish I could make enough for all the Soles but these bacon, egg, and cheese delights are a bit labor intensive and it only adds to the intrigue of the run.

Will you get back before they are gone?

After the breakfast run, it was back home for the dark side of birthday parties.

Thankfully, the girls now know the expectations and are pretty good about getting the notes done.

Addressing an envelope however, remains a mystery.

Just when you think you’ve explored every nook and cranny of the transfer station….

Michelle brain cramped and took the new car, but it turns out you have a 30-day window to transfer or get a new sticker.

All that thank you note writing leaves a 10-year-old in need of a nap.

Dash is always up for a close cuddle.

The prep for Christmas Eve dinner has begun.

We get as close to the seven fishes as we can with a seafood pasta.

After 20 years, we finally replaced the old Kitchen Aid accessory with a new pasta attachment.

It led to much less swearing during the rolling process.

Hat tip to our friend Kristin for mentioning the ironing board as cookie cooling rack hack.

It works just as well for pasta drying, too.

So far this year, we’ve used the ironing board for making Halloween costumes, drying fresh pasta, and ironing no shirts.

We did not take on the challenge of a full gingerbread house (know your limits), but decorating a gingerbread family met Ally’s Christmas craft expectations.

You know you’ve found the right running group when they are ready to party morning and night.

We ended Saturday with the Soles ugly sweater cocktail party.

“Why’s the floor all wet, Todd?”

Have a happy Sunday!


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