Scenes from Saturday + Soles & Holes

The world is crazy and appears to be getting crazier. My only antidote is to just keep doing what I know how to do. I raise my kids, I run, I write, I talk to my friends, and I try to keep shining on in my little corner.

There are always lots of people thrashing around and despairing, “Oh God, what do we do?!?”

There are also always people adamantly shouting, “I know exactly what we should do!”

And then there are people busy at work, whispering, “This is what I know how to do.”

I try to be that person.

In the 18 different types of early spring New England weather, Saturday morning was soggy, wet, and gray, but hopeful, as 42 degrees felt warm compared to recent past Saturdays.

More of these people later…

The first of many artificially green things she will likely eat this week. But she made it all her self and cleaned it all up, so I had no complaints.

Fueled by food coloring and high heels, and accessorizing the bench with a handbag, Ally’s hooded, piano wizard stage persona continues to evolve.

I’m never sure if the stone rat is there to distract the humans or to scare away other rodents. I keep meaning to ask if it has a name.

Meanwhile, the kitchen renovation project continues to inch ahead. Today’s paralyzing choice was tile.

It does appear, after many years of complaining, that good, authentic burritos are finally finding the suburbs. In the last few years, we’ve discovered a number of quality places that don’t require us to drive into the city. Newly added to our list, Baha, in Natick.

Perhaps still fueled by that green food coloring, or perhaps inspired by Michelle’s sprint session. Or maybe just wanting to watch more TV, Ally hit the treadmill. Better than passively watching on the couch.

Green pancakes means it’s also time for… the year’s first loaf of soda bread.

There was a cornhole tournament in the afternoon as a marathon fund raising event for one of the Soles.

Much like Drake, spikeball, vine, and the man bun, I feel like I missed the rise of cornhole’s popularity. I think it happened around the time Cecilia was born. It mostly remained a mystery to me until this week when I decided I should at least know the rules before showing up on Saturday.

A few YouTube videos later and we won our first game 21-0. Confidence was high.

But sadly, that was Maized & Confused’s pinnacle. After losing a barn burner second match 22-20, we ran into some people that were paying attention in the early 2010s and wiped the floor with us, 21-11. We did not advance to the elimination round.

But Soles never stop! And we did advance to a nearby bar.

Let’s just say things get a bit hazy from here and that the last picture pretty much speaks for itself.

At this point in my life, it’s good to know I’ve got friends that will push me on stage but not leave me alone up there.

I’m clearly not whispering and I clearly do not know how to sing.

But from what I can recall, it was a good Saturday.

P.S. – You only get one guess at the song.


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