Scenes from Saturday + Soggy Soccer

We had a plumber stop by recently to fix an outdoor faucet (assuming it ever gets warm enough plant the garden) and he made an offhand comment about “back when we were kids.” I looked around to see who else he was lumping into this inclusive pronoun. Clearly this man was at least 15 years older than me. Or, so I thought. 

I’m already very comfortable falling asleep in front of the television by nine o’clock. I regularly need to do ear hair maintenance. It’s been a solid decade since I could even think about sitting cross-legged. You all know I play more dominoes than actually going out to bars. I’m going to chalk up not being able to tell whether a person is 35 or 55 as another sign of aging.

Turns out if you can’t spot the middle aged person in the room….


We started on the couch where Ally and Dash were enthralled with an episode of Too Cute with cocker spaniel puppies. It was like watching Dash home videos. She was too young to remember Dash as a puppy so this was a good substitute.


One of my biggest pet peeves is the cost of greeting cards. Drives me crazy and probably another clear sign I’m middle aged. The girls make their own cards.


We are in prime spring birthday season. We missed one last week, so we had a makeup gift to drop off, plus Cecilia also had one in the afternoon.


Getting the hair right before going out in the rain for soccer is a make or break part of the morning. Or so I’m told.

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Maybe all this rain does have a silver lining. Cecilia was practically tripping over four leaf clovers today. She had found 3 before lunch.


Despite the continued soggy weather, soccer was still on. Given my disastrous showing last year, my coaching contract was not renewed and I get a break from tying shoes and fixing shin guards until the fall.


Kids are getting bigger but there is still some hand holding. 


Things got switched up with Italian ices after the game but no spoons. The kids showed a lot of grit in finding a way to still eat.


Cecilia has become somewhat obsessed with gum of late for some reason. She just had to have this pack at the food store. She could have it. After she gave me a buck fifty. Which she did. Teaching economics through chewing gum.


While Cecilia headed off for her birthday party, we found some additional kids to fill the house. We put them right to work making cookies. 


More soccer during a brief period of no rain. Noticed Ally kicks suspiciously like Michelle.


Then we made some pizza and settled in to watch the Derby. That took a little longer than expected. We all became expert judges in 30 minutes. Split decision in our house.


Despite the weather, it was a full day and both kids put up little resistance to bed. I’m still not clear how Ally sleeps in here. Kids these days with their rock music and disco lights…. 



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