Scenes from Saturday + Soccer!

This week, as Saturday crept closer and Allison’s excitement grew, I became seriously worried that she had somehow conflated peewee soccer with eating an unlimited supply of chocolate bars. She was very excited, anxiously asking when her ‘chin’ guards and new soccer ball would arrive. This was a new experience for me.

I’ve become accustomed to shrieks of delight over dance recitals, princesses, tulle and glitter tattoos. I’ve never had a child this excited about a sport. She almost passed out when the box finally arrived on Friday. I’m pretty sure she would have slept with her shin guards on if we had let her. Maybe all my Premier League watching has somehow seeped into her brain?

Did I mention I would be coaching these all these (equally excited) 4 year old’s at 9 a.m. Saturday morning?

Having soccer to look forward to helped distract Ally from the fact that Cecilia was not here this morning, but at a sleep over birthday party. That and finding Shrek the Musical on Netflix. I’ll admit it’s much better than I would have anticipated. Michelle and the girls would never turn off the TV if there were more of these musicals available.

Dash made sure to be extra cozy to make up for big sister’s absence.


While these guys watched some Shrek, I hit the trainer. I knew these kids would wipe me out so any workout had to happen early. I’m still trying to figure out what is going on with my knee and I’m limited to bike and swimming. It stinks. I miss running.


Despite Ally thinking that I was purposely slowing down time, we did eventually leave for the soccer field.

We collected our dark green team shirts and met our teammates. I think it went pretty well. I had learned from being Cece’s co-coach at basketball that you really need to keep the drills simple, short and fun. So we spent the first 30 minutes basically doing variations on dribbling drills. The second 30 minutes was the “game.” It was the predictable chaos I’m sure you are imagining, but everyone finished the hour smiling, so I’ll call that a success.

Sometimes I don’t notice how big Ally is until she’s with kids her age.


I also don’t realize how tall I appear until I’m surrounded by a  bunch of four year olds!


After soccer, the coach went home to shower (turns out I can get sweaty even during a 4 year old’s soccer practice) while the girls headed off to Medfield Day, a sort of town-wide fair/chamber of commerce commercial.

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There really should be parental warnings on any event that might involve face paint.


Here is Allison with her friend Alisha. They each scored a goal today!


Ally said next time she scores (love the confidence!) she’s just going to point to her new headband.


While I was quite happy to dodge that part of town (as predictably chaotic in its own way as the soccer game), I did have reason besides rehydrating and showering.

Tonight was a dominoes night and I was in charge of bringing the bread, which means baking the bread. I was keeping it simple with one loaf of white and one of wheat from Lahey’s My Bread. Still early in the baking season, but I was happy with how they came out.


One the prerequisites for going to dominoes night after a sleep over and soccer was the kids had to take a nap. In fact, we were all feeling it. Family Nap Time. Are there three more perfect words in the English language?

You know Ally is having a hard core nap when the Dash alarm has no effect. We eventually got her up and out the door for dominoes night.


Except, we didn’t actually play dominoes this time. We called an audible and tried some trivia. No better way to test relationships than pulling out all the insecurities that competitive team trivia brings!


Allison was very happy to share her Shrek discovery with the rest of the gang.


There was a lot of red wine involved and a lot of 80’s minutiae, much of it involving Jessica Lange.


It’s hard to make friends as an adult. That’s the sort of thing they don’t really tell you when you are younger and your closet seems packed with friends. Then you are often a couple, then maybe kids, then life gets busy and friends drift away with their own live and you sort of forget to re-stock that closet. You end up with plenty of acquaintances or kinda friends, or worse, social media friends, which are basically the adult version of imaginary friends.

I’ve been happy to realize that over the past 10 years of living here, despite mostly being thrown together at first because our kids happened to be the same size, we’ve definitely found some people just as strange and weird and mental as us.

And despite knowing all that, they keep inviting us over! That’s not an easy thing to find. Those are friends.