Scenes from Saturday + So Much Slime!

At the end of the year Spotify compiles a personalized Top Songs playlist. We are regular Spotify users, but we don’t use Spotify’s family plan. All of our annual listening is mashed together in one giant jukebox and it’s a wonderful mess. Neutered KidzBop pop songs sit knee to elbow with (so many) Broadway showtunes and they in turn jostle for space with The National and Lorde. 

This music milkshake did annoy me for a while, but I’ve come to like it. Getting older means increasingly getting caught in your own tastes and feeding a constant echo chamber. Seeking out, finding, and giving yourself the time and space to experience new things is hard. Escaping the algorithms and getting a cold recommendation takes effort. 

Or, you could just let a bunch of kids freeload on your music subscription. I would have never learned the strangely hypnotic power of Tobu’s Candyland after 567th playing without them.


We started early (I think they are in training for Christmas morning) with a Prep & Landing DVD from the library.


Momma actually won the early riser belt this weekend, getting up to study before her always massive weekend to-do list took over her day.


When the sun came up it was a warm(ish) morning (for December in New England), but sort of overcast and raining. Perfect time to go for a run with friends.


I came home to find Michelle’s list had started. Cleaning out the fridge and cabinets was on the agenda. Brief but intense discussion on the shelf life of tahini.


I grabbed the kids and headed out to the craft store. It’s dangerous bringing my kids to this store, but we had some crafting to do for a school flea market fundraiser.


Next door, at Trader Joe’s, we picked up some things for dinner (Ally likes their shumai. An algorithm couldn’t predict her food likes.) She does not like my coffee breath.


Back at home, we all dutifully admired the very clean fridge. All up-to-date expiration dates!


Cecilia went outside to practice some basketball. She was very pleased she didn’t need a coat. I was pleased to see her working on her crossover.


Ally, on the other hand, took up residence inside at her craft desk. Looks like this needs to be added to the clean out agenda.

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After a quick lunch, it was time for the slime making. We were aiming for glow in the dark slime and plain glitter slime. Ce was keen to charge a premium for the glow in the dark variety.


We had made soap earlier in the week.


After successfully making a few batches of the glow in the dark slime, it was off to basketball for Cecilia.


Back from the game, ‘Aunt’ Lori had arrived and she brought presents. More crafts! I think our kids are either predictable (algorithms) or need to set up an etsy shop. 


I geared up for more slime while Mom and Lori went to Medfield’s #1 tourist destination: the Medfield Wine Shoppe.

After five cumulative pounds of slime, I couldn’t take anymore and we switched to making some chocolate chip cookies. 

Like pizza recipes, you can never have enough chocolate chip cookie recipes in your repertoire. This time I was trying Dorie Greenspan’s latest recipe which called for a small amount of oats (for texture, you don’t taste), melted butter, and less sugar. They promised to be soft and chewy.

I was skeptical. I’m #chewyforlife. I do not like the hard snap of a crispy chocolate chip cookie. They spread a lot. They were definitely chewy, though, and kid approved. Not really soft. They won’t be replacing my favorite recipe, but a good alternative.


Ally couldn’t help herself. Screw the CDC. She licked the spatula and loved it. 


She also paid the price and washed the bowls.


Mom and Lori returned. We are restocked for the week.


We finished the day with some dinner on the couch while watching the Polar Express. It’s a testament to the power of that story that it can even overcome the very creepy motion capture movie.


That’s it for this Saturday. I learned quite about about the subtleties of slime making. I also made it about halfway through this crazy goulash of a music mix. You can get lots of advice online, but you still can’t parent with an algorithm. That would be too predictable.