Scenes from Saturday + So long summer…

The girls started back to school this week and I’m feeling…stressed and anxious? Probably not completely uncommon but I realized after a little tiff with Cecilia over homework on Day 2 that I really prefer Summer/Camp Dad to School Year Dad. 

Not that Summer Dad never gets upset he just seems to listen a little more and snap a little less. I don’t want the one time I’m really present and focused on my kids for the next six months to be only about homework. I might learn a lot about base-10 number systems but maybe not so much about my child. 

So, as we talked about the new school year, expectations and goals over dinner this week, I set one of my own: to let go of some of that anxiety and frustration and try to be more like Summer Dad all year long.

Just without all the sunscreen each morning. I won’t miss the sunscreen.

Labor Day means one last trip down to the Cape. Labor Day on the Cape is actually a sneaky good weekend. Weather is still warm but the traffic eases up. It’s one last opportunity to do your favorite summer things.

Like get up early and pile into the car.


Before 9 a.m. and Ally is into the chocolate. Must be Grammie’s house!


After getting in a run, we got the girls on the bikes. Here is Ally wiped out after a the “long” ride to the General Store. I think she was just angling for more sympathy candy. She’s devious.


Despite some tough negotiations from the girls (and Chelle), this puppy was not for sale.


This bikini was also not for sale. Not for Ce.


One last stop to fill up on penny candy.


Then it was back on the bikes to ride to Cobie’s for one last clam strip plate.


Going to be honest, probably not the last ice cream cone.


Then it was back on bikes to work off approximately 4 clam strips.


Then it was one last beach day with summer Cape friends. Summer friends….so uncomplicated.


Finally, one last beach bonfire and s’mores (of course).


There goes another summer…


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