Scenes from Saturday + Sniffles & Secret Errands

Like many, Michelle and I are doing a health reset in January after the excess of the holidays and recently had a discussion about the best way to measure success without just relying on pounds or calories. We never did resolve that question but the amorphous nature of a potential answer did lead me to thinking about how I might ultimately measure success as a parent. What does that look like? I mean, having healthy kids who eventually move out of your house and survive to adulthood is an obvious answer. But a lot of that could be put down to luck and has a whiff of just barely meeting the basic job requirements.

If I look into the future, what might I see that makes me happy? Ironically, for an introvert, I decided it’s having a crowded house. On holidays. On birthdays. On a random Sunday night for dinner. I’ll be a success as a Dad if I ultimately have children I get to see, who actually want to see me, and spend time with me. A crowded house or a crowded table will be my metric of success.

For now, they have no choice. They are stuck with me. Here’s how Saturday went…

After a busy Friday night of halftime high school basketball dancing and 90s trivia domination, it was a typical couch start.

We are a month into having a “connected” Cece with the iPod touch. She is definitely more connected to her cousins and 2005 memes.

Most of the morning was taken up by Michelle’s list and some “secret” errands for an upcoming birthday.

Seems like everyone’s list included the transfer station by 10 a.m. yesterday.

We learned that international mail definitely goes in a different collection box.

We also learned the average librarian is way smarter than the average Dad. No glitter or glue options at the crafts table.

This was the only photo I was allowed to see from this part of the morning. The rest of it was censored. I already got new slippers for Christmas so I’m guessing…running gear or socks. Ally said I wasn’t allowed to look at her when I started guessing at dinner. I think I’m on the right track.

I know people are having trouble with the whole impossible burger label for the plant-based meat but this seems a little over the top. Did I miss the meat vegetable revolution?

Defeated by the pesky counter height again. Never stops him from trying.

This week’s practice song that I can’t stop hearing even when the house is empty is the tarantella. We’ve mostly gotten over the hurdle of “I’m terrible at the new pieces and I won’t practice until I’m perfect” mental state with Ce. Now, we’ve got the “I don’t sound as good as Cece” problem with Ally.

Anytime Ally gets fidgety or distracted while we do her reading or math skills, I remind her that she is capable of focusing and sitting in a chair for 3 hours while she works on her “fake” YouTube channel. It’s half amusing/half frightening at how well she can mimic things.

After Saturday mass (which the kids insist is longer and definitely different than Sunday mass), we tried out some alternative pizza crusts (cauliflower and brocolli/kale) during our January reset. Not terrible if you’re in the right frame of mind but I also won’t mind getting back to the read deal either.

Cecilia’s spring theater production is Cinderella so the rest of the evening was devoted to research.

One day they’ll be gone but I hope they won’t mind coming back.