Scenes from Saturday + Slime & Pretzels

Part of Cecilia’s weekly chores contract is the list of jobs, of course, but it also includes a rider: all done without complaints. Complaints covers eye rolls, heavy sighs, feet stomps and other tomfoolery. This is often the hardest part for her and we’ve recently been talking a lot about perspective.

Often life can be a lot like a chore chart. We can look at it one way and be annoyed or angry or worried. We can look at it another and find an exciting challenge. We can choose to see something as an obstacle or an opportunity.

Which is the right choice? That’s sort of a trick question, isn’t it? Life certainly has some difficult obstacles. For me, the right perspective is often the one that that allows me to move forward, to reduce stress, and to find humility, or even humor (ok, sometimes sarcasm). Each situation has two handles—one that will bear weight and one that won’t. I’m trying to teach the girls to to choose carefully. With a minimum of eye rolls.

The fifth grade talent show was last night and both kids were up late so we started this Saturday morning with a note.

We returned from our slippery run to the familiar couch scene and the lingering scent of peanut butter and melted chocolate. Seemed like a fair trade off to get a run in.

Ally is deep into the slime craze. At least 67% of her days are spent touching, making, playing with or discussing slime.

The other 33% of her Saturdays are usually spent dancing or singing.

Week two of the tarantella is picking up steam. I’m still finding it fascinating to watch how each of them approach the piano. It will get even more intriguing if Ally sticks with her plan to play the trumpet in a few years.

I’ve definitely noticed an uptick in the amount of time certain people are spending in the bathroom.

Ally continues to enjoy the ability to use the wi-fi to call different family members. She seems most tickled just to call and then…she’s not so much always interested in old fashioned conversation so much as just hanging out. I’ve walked in a few flummoxed people stranded on the phone after Ally’s left the room.

Michelle did the trash and food shopping run this week. Cecilia made a short video. Interesting to see her perspective. I’m sure she violated all sorts of store policies….

Allison has a good appetite she just has distinct….tastes. Lunch was oatmeal and brown sugar with a side of pizza-flavored goldfish.

Dominoes gatherings are always great excuses to do some baking as we won’t have to eat it all ourselves. Yesterday’s experiment was pretzel focaccia. It was a hit with both the kids and adults and very easy to make.

Pre-dominoes there was some Paris prep with Rick Steves.

Then it was time to hit the boneyard and play some dominoes. I think this picture accurately captures the spirit (and spirits).

No decision needed on perspective for this one. Food, friends, bourbon, parlor games. A good Saturday.



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