Scenes from Saturday + Skillets & Curiosity

I watch a lot of Jeopardy. It is my relaxing cup of tea at the end of the day. Never cottoned to the Wheel but something immediately clicked with its sister show. Maybe it was the resemblance to flash cards.

A lot of other people have been watching lately with the big runs by Matt Amodio and Amy Schneider. Including my kids. At first, I think it was just the allure of the television being on during a weeknight, but now they genuinely want to watch.

Most people think to be good on Jeopardy that you need to be smart. Or, really good on the buzzer. Or, have fast recall. Those all certainly help but I think the biggest key to Jeopardy success is to be curious.

We don’t have control over what kind of brain our kids were born with. But what we can influence whether they’re curious. We can encourage the ask questions and seek answers. We can cultivate this instinct until it becomes part of their personality.

And, of course, like a lot of parenting, we can demonstrate it by doing it. It’s a two way street. Explore what they are curious about but also have them engage with you and what you’re curious about. A curious Dad is both a good parent and a smart parent.

Cecilia, definitely not afraid of carbs.

Another day of mostly indoor activities as it was too cold to even chop wood outside.

The sound of the treadmill or Michelle’s exercise exertions is like Pavlov’s bell for Dash. He is now conditioned to think push-ups or sit-ups is play time.

Ally slept in so it was a solo couch Saturday.

Cleaning and sweeping out the fireplace has replaced cleaning out the gutters as Michelle’s new weekend obsession.

Works for me. And works for the garden compost pile. Wood ash is a great source of lime, potassium, and other trace elements.

A peek at Blog HQ. Where I spent the majority of last week hammering out the final chapters of Max #6. Off to the editor this week.

If we didn’t have a dog, I’m not sure we’d go outside on these days. Only other dog walkers out there on the trails today.

Like old plow horses being hauled to the glue factory, a lot of old Christmas trees were headed to the transfer station to be recycled into future mulch.

There was more dress shopping this week. Still no luck.

After a week of clean eating, our treat meal this week was indulgent carbs. We went with Detroit-style pizza and homemade cacio e pepe.

If you’re local and haven’t tried Square’s Detroit pizza out in Natick, I recommend it. It’s worth the drive and reheats (it’s takeout only) really well.

Detroit-style = square, sauce on top, with crispy, cheesy edges.

To further lean into the comfort food on a cold night, Ally and I made a skillet cookie. Even a “healthier” version must include M&M’s according to Ally.

And we finished off the night catching up with old friends Ken and Amy.

What is silicon, Ken.


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