Scenes from Saturday + Singin’ in the Rain

Favorite thing I read this week: “I bought the only physical encyclopedia still in print, and I regret nothing.”

I still have very clear memories of consulting our World Book volumes, stored in a glass bookcase in the hallway off the kitchen, for just about every school project from African elephants in elementary school to atomic theory in high school. I knew the World Book had a magic page in there somewhere to help me.

It’s only a matter of time before paper makes a full (even if ironic) comeback. The age of flash cards is not over yet!

Maybe sooner than I think. I did get an eye-rolling smile from Cece when she recounted her high school orientation day where departing seniors imparted lessons on the incoming freshman. A key lesson? Save your flash cards throughout the semester. The use of flash cards was a given. The tip was about flash card management!

The third Sunday in June. The US Open. Father’s Day. The end of dance season.

Competitions ended a few weeks ago for Allison but yesterday was the studio recital (actually three of them) at the local theater.

No time for the couch but there was time for breakfast. You know it’s a special day when you have your cereal in the dining room.

A classic weekend loaf. The seeded semolina from Artisan Bread in 5. If you find all the baking and bread pictures tiresome, blame this book. It’s what got me started on this kick and it still has Papa’s favorite loaf.

Another sign that you might have Sicilian house guests? A bowl of shelled peas.

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Papa doesn’t doomscroll or check his smartphone. He shells peas.

We had one of the neighbor kids believing that we’d had Dash cloned.

For the locals, is there a more stressful local parking lot than Legacy Place on a Saturday afternoon?

Don’t let this sedate picture fool you. I’m convinced that it is a long term psychological experiment.

We won’t get the official vacation lobster roll price index until we get down to the Cape next weekend, but judging by the $46 dollar price tag at Legal Seafoods, it’s going to be high.

I can’t afford lobster roll friends.

Ally and friends crushed it. Nice to see the hard work and dedication pay off.

One benefit of doing the practice drop-offs and pick-ups throughout the year is getting to watch the different dances come together over time.

What do you want after a long day of dancing?

Forget a lobster roll. McDonald’s fries!

And a big bowl of shelled peas when she returned home.

That was it. Another dance season in the books.

I’m now a veteran competition dance dad. I carry extra bobby pins in the car. I can navigate the dance studio waiting room like a pro. I know the difference between high gold and sapphire.

Maybe next year I’ll tackle dance bun prep…

Happy Father’s Day!


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