Scenes from Saturday + Shriners & Shore Fare

Allison had her first field trip this week. They went to the zoo. There were multiple email reminders about sunscreen. That meant multiple reminders to me that it’s okay not to love being a parent all the time. Some parts just suck. Like dealing with sunscreen at 7:30 in the morning. It’s the black licorice of summer.

We start the day….on a strange sofa.


This did not dent the girls enthusiasm for staying in a new house. Nor for getting up early. We are down the shore for the holiday weekend and a family wedding. 


The great thing about house sharing with family is that there’s a kid-sitter almost always available. Michelle and I quickly escaped for a morning run. 


It was bright and sunny. It was also stop and go.


Nothing like finishing your run while they are firing up the fried food stands.


After the run, we gathered the girls up and went back down to watch the parade. With just about every group throwing candy, this was definitely their new favorite parade route.


They also practiced the fine art of boardwalk shopping. Don’t really get that on the Cape.


Someone forgot how to walk in flip flops. Or claimed to. Some of those trips looked a little staged.


Soon it was time to head for the church. And to drop off the kids.


Don’t feel too bad for them. They made out okay.


The rest of the night was filled with family, music, laughing, pork roll, and, um, awkward photo booth sessions. Just like a shore weekend ought to be. A good start to the summer.