Scenes from Saturday + Short & Sweet

Parenting is not one size fits all and I’m guessing each family has their own rules. Maybe your family embraces hot glue guns and Perler beads. Maybe you don’t. I would also guess that even different families and parenting styles share at least one thing in common: self-discipline. A simple rule that starts in childhood but goes far beyond.

Cecilia had to do extra math this week and she had a theater show. Both events required discipline and self control. Learning and practicing new formulas. Memorizing lines. Dealing with the ups and downs and Dad feedback of learning something new.

But how do you teach discipline? I’m not sure you can. Not like the distributive property. But you can be an example. You can control yourself. Show them how to do it, don’t just tell them. Easy to say but harder to do sometimes, but showing by example is a lot easier than enforcement. Or vacuuming up every last bit of cosmic glitter.

Short and sweet this week. With vaccinations proliferating, the girls spent some extended time with Grammie and Poppy. And while I heard about myriad shopping, baking, and driveway horse shenanigans, Poppy is not quite used to documenting his day with his phone. Nor should he be.

So what do I do on a nice spring day when the girls are away?

Four hours of taxes. That’s some self-discipline right there. Or a sign of insanity. I think I found something worse than glitter.

I did take a break for run and Dash sniffed me out near the end. Not all that impressive given how much I sweat but still a nice way to finish.

Eventually we met up with the girls again for some Rhode Island… charm. It was near 70 by our house but much colder near the water. Temperature did not, however, effect the taste of the clam cakes.

We tried to explain to Ally the difference between the relatively tame Rhode Island sea gulls floating overheard and the dive bombing kind she might encounter on the Jersey boardwalk.

I should have bought some stock in the fire pit and s’mores industry. Feels like a missed opportunity.

I do feel like I’ve got a pretty good marshmallow technique down at this point. All about patience and self-discipline.

Fire-roasted popcorn always tastes better.

Any day that ends with friends, chocolate, and fire can’t be all bad.



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