Scenes from Saturday + Seafood and Sunsets

I’m on the record many times about being a person that likes routines and order. I like having a plan. I like figuring out what we are going to have for dinner over my first cup of coffee in the morning. This…trait can be helpful in many aspects of life but I do find myself saying ‘No’ a lot because it’s not on the to-do list or it’s not on the menu.

I can easily defend saying ‘no’ as doing the responsible thing, the necessary thing but is it the best thing as a Dad? If this strange summer has taught me anything it’s that you just never know how long you have. Why not say ‘Yes’ a little more. More chocolate chips in those pancakes? Sure. A neon red slushie at 11 a.m.? Sure. Going for a walk on the beach at 10 p.m.? Sure. It might drive my ordered mind temporarily insane but I’ll forget. The girls will remember those slushies.


We started the day with everyone reading a book. I had a moment where I thought I might have died in my sleep. Pretty sure this is a version of my heaven.

Speaking of temporary insanity, Michelle thought it might be a good idea to take both girls on a morning run. Ally ran the gamut of human emotions and despite a debilitating blister made it back to the house.

After a run, you need to carb up and you definitely have earned those chocolate chips in the pancakes.

We’ll know Dash is getting old when he can’t do the slide anymore. Saturday was not that day.

You can’t hit the beach without a book. I think this is the next big beach milestone, when Cece just sits and reads and doesn’t need (or want) us in the water with her.

It was windy and choppy even on the bayside yesterday. If you ever visited the mudflats, these two foot waves are the equivalent of ten footers at a normal beach. Ce was thrilled to be able to (sorta) use the boogie boards.

Michelle kept her water streak alive.

I kept my dry streak alive along with horrifying the girls by snoring on the beach.

As many of the shops close up for the season, Labor Day weekend is often like playing roulette with the available options. We got pretty lucky this year with the remaining flavors (no one was stuck with rum raisin or licorice – do not try to convince me rum raisin is good).

We also hit up the fish monger for some supplies for the final seafood feast.

But before the feast, you must respect beach cocktail hour.

Then the traditional final summer weekend seafood boil. (Programming note: Ally had chicken nuggets of course)

It wasn’t the usual Cape season. There were trade-offs and masks and things we couldn’t do but we still managed to make plenty of memories.