Scenes from Saturday + Sand & Sprinkles

I started thinking about the bridge, the traffic, the timing and had to stop myself. What exactly am I rushing to? Why rush through what little remains of their childhood?

We only have so many summers together. With Cecilia we are already more than halfway through our guaranteed eighteen.

I’ll certainly spend a good amount of time stuck on Route 6 this July and August but I’ll be stuck with the kids, too. Or maybe they’ll be stuck with me.

After all the rain last weekend delayed our first trip, we packed up and hit the road. This will be by far the least amount of traffic we see all year.

Is this travel procedure normal for any one else’s kids?

She tells me it serves two purposes.

First, it blocks the sun. Second, it saves her from having to see out the window when we are on the bridge.

They wasted no time getting their first feel of the water.

Some years the winter currents bring in a lot of seaweed to the bay side, but this year there was almost none. The water was so clear it brought a tropical vibe. Until your toes actually touched it.

Out of the kid’s size life vest but still fits in the small kayak.

Cece, too tall for the kayak, but at least not too big to at least still sit in the general vicinity of her Dad. It might be less me and more the fact that sitting alone would be a greater embarrassment.

Low tide, mud flats walk. Not our lunch. Not that either girl would actually eat fish.

Taking all of Poppy’s money even after I explained budgets and being on a fixed income.

I had eagerly anticipated using my weekly treat meal to have my first lobster roll of the season (it’s best to get the sticker shock of the price out of the way early) only to find out as we drove up that the restaurant was closed for a wedding. Only on the Cape would a lobster shack be a prime venue for nuptials.

I had to settle for a basket of fried food.

Thankfully, the ice cream shoppe was open and well stocked. Ally was not disappointed.

It was cloudy but hard to be disappointed with the first sunset. Or any sunset really. You only get so many.



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