Scenes from Saturday + Running & Recovery

Mike, have you taken your pill has become a sort of code in our house for when I’m acting bitchy and cranky. Sometimes I legitimately need to take my pills. Other times I’m just a 43 year old man dealing with glitter in the weave of the rug. Sometimes…it’s just hard to tell. Parts of last week where in that murky zone. So much is going on in the world, both near and far, it can be hard to wrap your head around it even with meds.

Most of our opinions and feelings are reactionary and unrelated to what’s actually happening. I’m guessing having teenage kids is going to be a great reminder of this but even now, dealing with the news and the pandemic and…everything, it’s a good reminder for me. Better to let it go.

The world rarely notices your anger. Why would it? Getting mad about distant things you don’t or can’t control is exhausting. Focus on what’s important. Focus on what you control.

Getting the girls to understand that is a work in progress. The big thing coming up in our house is finally returning to school next week. For Cecilia, this means heading to middle school. Whoever said anger is fear turned outward definitely had adolescent kids. They are walking glitter bombs. But first a very fine Saturday…

Despite Ally’s best efforts, Dash is just not a morning dog.

Like most things in 2020, the Boston Marathon was not what people had in mind when they signed up and started training last winter. This weekend is the official virtual version and the Soles did their best to help the local runners gut it out through town. Watching people run the marathon, down Boylston or up Indian Hill, is always inspiring.

Most of the morning was spent pacing groups up the big hill that runs through our neighborhood. Do you want to know what makes the girls giggle more than matching parental pajamas? Matching running singlets. Or maybe it was just my lilywhite arms?

When I swung by the house to change clothes, the local water stop was filled with…croissants? It’s like they haven’t attended races since they were babies!

Just a heads up for any of you that will be sending Michelle fashion gifts in the future, assume the girls will be using them, too. Thanks for the new earrings, Aunt Lori!

Now that the bean bag is successfully installed in her room, she insists she needs some new throw pillows. How does she even know what throw pillows are?

They did pick up some recovery burritos on their outing. Anna’s improves any day by at least 15%.

I’m so happy to have taught them the joy of eating hot, car mini-quesadillas.

All the morning running, led to a pretty mellow afternoon. Even Michelle gave up on cleaning anything in favor of some recovery binging of Say Yes to the Dress.

Then there were the requisite recovery beers at the pop-up in town. Not that you need nice weather to drink but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Finally, the recovery burrito did taste really good at the end of the day.

Running, burritos, beer, recovery nap (not pictured). A fine fall(ish) Saturday. No pills necessary.



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