Scenes from Saturday + Rolls & Holes

As we try to be the best parents for two kids navigating the ups and downs of two distinctly different ages, it’s a good time to remind myself that while I will, of course, always love my kids, but I will not love them all the time in exactly the same way. It’s impossible and unfair. It will only set everyone up for disappointment.

I think as a parent that you need to strive to make love a constant in the relationship but both kids and parents grow and change and if a strong relationship is going to survive, love has to be fluid and flexible.

Like a dance.

And dance is something I’ve becoming very familiar with as a parent.

I know in a few weeks I’ll likely be complaining that these early morning runs are too warm, but not today. Still a bit chilly. I needed the gloves.

Excited to preview the upcoming 10k course. It’s going to be a unique mix of roads and trails. If you are local, you should register and run!

I returned to find Allison fully ensconced in comfy mode. She told me she was practicing getting up early because Sunday was like “Christmas in April.”

Meanwhile, the teenager sleeps on. Or at least stays behind closed doors.

You can almost feel bad for how pathetic he looks when getting a bath. But then you get a look at the brown bath water and realize he very much enjoyed romping through the woods this week and needed the wash.

I have to say my favorite part of Ally’s paintings is listening to her talk about the inspiration or reason behind the work. Kids are unafraid to follow their ideas wherever they may lead.

Baked some thyme and sage muffin tin rolls for dinner tomorrow. This is a super easy make ahead recipe that are simple to reheat.

There was also some tomfoolery afoot as Michelle’s friends kidnapped her, and the girls, for an afternoon of belated birthday karaoke in the city.

It’s good when you have friends that know you well enough to do something with your wife that you would never do.

Michelle had a blast. Bon Jovie, T.Swift, and many others were on the playlist.

Some day Ally may take the family karaoke crown, but not yet.

Meanwhile, this indoor cat ventured outside, figured out how to use a rake and spade, and did some yard work.

By the evening, the Japanese art of interactive entertainment had worn everyone out, leaving just enough energy to get back in the comfys for the annual reading of the Night Before Easter.

Happy Easter!


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