Scenes from Saturday + Rhythm & Relays

That is the look of a very sad dog. One whose owner went to his annual Ragnar Race Relay in New Hampshire which is why his #2 (or 3 .. or 4) in the pack is up writing the Scenes From Saturday Blog this week.

With Mike away the house rhythm is different and Dash is NOT having any of it. There was no one to follow down to the basement, up the stairs, or into the bathroom. There wasn’t someone to take him out for a woods walk, or to make sure that he has a blanket nearby for resting. The food wasn’t served the “right” way so of course it was time to go on a hunger strike. And worst of all, Saturday started with a hurricane forecast which meant lots of rain. Dash does not like the rain.

Fall is right around the corner, and the school year is in full effect. I have felt the pull of the last few weeks to figure out the new routines and the routines that need to continue, all while knowing that the people around me are doing the same. It’s a time to embrace the new and get comfortable in the changing rhythms…that even means you too, Dashiell!

Now onto Saturday…

Saturday started very unexpectedly for me when to my surprise I realized that I slept in to 7:20 am. For me, that is a very rare occurrence.

I checked my phone to make sure that Mike finished his night relay portion and his early morning run rewarded him with sunrise.

Since I woke up late, no time for couch photos and we dove straight into the day.

Not going even attempt to disrupt the rhythm of the transfer station. I am convinced that gargoyle
comes alive at night.

Next was Allison’s dance solo practice. She was able to finish the choreography with her teacher and I
must say it is a showstopper.

Literally…. The theme of her solo is musical theater so it highlights all the things she loves about Broadway. The exaggerated facial expressions, the enthusiastic dance moves, a real good vocal belt, and of course the dramatic bow she gets to do at the end.

After dance, it was time for me to take care of my unruly summer hair. I decided about a year ago to
take a break from having the salon color my hair. I don’t have the patience for a 3+ hour appointment
and I am always shocked by the prices. So instead, I just get a nice haircut and go on my way.

The hair appointment was near my favorite wine shoppe so it only made sense for me to pop in for a
tasting and to restock our reds for Fall fire pit nights.

We made the (very good) decision to head into the city for some pizza at Piccos for dinner while we
waited for Mike to get home.

Cecilia was all smiles for this one, since the pizza and ice cream was a welcome break from the homework and music practice that she was doing throughout the day. High school. It’s a grind.

Then back home to wait for Mike who did arrive back home by 8, sweaty, dirty, and sore, which was just in time to get Dash back into his rhythm.

The night ended of course with our house’s most familiar rhythm…the music of Taylor Swift.

Happy Sunday!


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