Scenes from Saturday + Recitals & Ragu

Yesterday, I finished my first year as a dance Dad. I have one week off before I trade my dance Dad chauffeur hat for my camp counselor t-shirt. I will relish this calm logistical calendar week.

But summer will also bring the nagging parental worries of how much to nudge them to read or practice and how much to just let them take a break. How much of that school year momentum should we keep? There will be no flash cards. I’m not a complete zealot. But should there be some time set aside to read? Or work on math or Spanish?

Summer or not, there is always so much to do and the kids remain so bad at most of it. Where does a parent draw the line? How do you know where to help, when to help, what to handle for them, what to tell them doesn’t matter and they don’t have to worry about?

I guess I have a whole summer to try to figure it out.

Even with a big final recital performance pending in the afternoon, it’s important to maintain a routine.

One deer, a baby bird recuse, a woodchuck sighting, and a pissed off snake. Plus, 6 miles. Michelle had an eventful Saturday morning run.

For her post-recital celebratory meal, Ally requested lasagna and a flourless chocolate torte with strawberry sauce.

First, I might have taught my kids a bit too much about desserts. Apparently, cupcakes are too pedestrian.

I was happy with the bread for the lasagna. Felt like I’d been stuck in a rut of ugly loaves. This whole wheat one looked pleasantly rustic.

One year into this dance Dad gig and I have exponentially more knowledge about hair spray, make up, bobby pins, and bun management.

I know enough to be duly impressed that Cecilia did this one with just six pins.

Though I was more impressed that she and Ally didn’t bicker at each other.

Still no Dance dad-specific merch at the show but I was impressed with the dance-specific floral bundles at the theater. They know their audience. I did not make eye contact with the seller.

I survived dance picture pickup without mortgaging the house (barely) and the recital dress rehearsal drop-off, so most of my work was done by Saturday. But there was still the performance itself.

All the hard work paid off up on stage and under the lights. A nice lesson to learn about effort that doesn’t involve school or grades.

Biggest dance Dad lesson learned: be on time and just be supportive.

It was all smiles (and flowers, but no upsell ballet bear, I’m not a dance Dad rookie anymore) after the show.

The chocolate torte was also given a passing grade.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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