Scenes from Saturday + Ramen & Onions

When I look back at 2023, I’ll likely remember it as the year I finally gave in, and then went all in, on pickleball. I am officially one of those people ruining tennis across the country. Sorry. But not really. It’s kept me active, got me out of just constantly running, and helped me meet a whole bunch of new people.

With the calendar flipping, we are firmly in resolution season and if you are contemplating making changes next year, you have likely come across the advice to follow your passion. Don’t do it! I think that’s backwards, or at least a little sideways.

Trying following your commitment first and let the passion develop naturally.

Or maybe just try pickleball. It’s a panacea.

The baking elf made one more early morning appearance to make a second batch of fruit cake biscotti to accompany the traditional breakfast hand pie deliveries for New Year’s morning.

Candied fruit in cookies just doesn’t hit the same in July so I was motivated to use it up.

It’s yet another iteration of hand pie dough, so let me know any feedback!

This is new. She’s now taking the milk with her onto the couch.

I feel like she’s getting dorm room reps in early.

Someone got a Swifty songbook for Christmas.

The house is full of lots of C major, G major, A minor and F major chord progressions.

After all the recent storms, it’s definitely the season of the sticks in the reservation.

Dash is happy to explore all the new smells that rained down from above.

Part of the vast arts and crafts haul from Christmas was a very detailed paint-by-numbers canvas.

Ally disappears for hours on end into the basement. We occasionally shout down the stairs for a wellness check.

It reminds me of the year I discovered SimCity. Just without the pungent boy adolescent smell.

I did not do one lap of swimming this year, but the goggles did get a workout.

Once a year, for New Year’s dinner, I make the Cook’s Illustrated French onion soup, which means cutting up 4 pounds of onions.

Which means goggles.

If only there was a way to wrap the kitchen in goggles so the house didn’t smell like caramelized onions for the next 72 hours.

Michelle and I managed to cook different things at the same time without getting on each other’s nerves too much. She’s blocking the view but there was a distinct difference in our station set-ups.

With the Transfer Station open extra days this week, it was calm, sedate, and tidy on Saturday.

Sometimes it’s good for Ally to get out of the house and be the big sister for a little bit.

The girls were bickering with each other in the afternoon to the point where Michelle threw up her hands and told them we were leaving and to figure out dinner on their own.

Happily, that meant an impromptu date night and some ramen.

When we returned, a detente had been reached and we finished the day off by watching some episodes of The Mind, Explained.

According the personality tests we took, Cecilia might be a serial killer.

Let’s hope the episode on the teenage brain was correct and her personality is still developing!

Happy New Year! Follow your commitment in 2024.


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