Scenes from Saturday + Rainbows & Rest Stops

Our summer of two islands and two countries has come to an end. A bit of a luxury? Sure. Better than spending that money on day camps, water parks, or new toys? Absolutely.

Our girls definitely learn best by doing. Reading books and looking at pictures is great but nothing beats hands-on experience. One of my many favorite little memories from the past week was passing the Amish family buggy on the road near our rental house and the conversation it sparked with Cecilia. You could almost see how the first hand brush with a vastly differently culture was re-mapping her worldview through curiosity and not skepticism.

Whether we were on a working lobster boat or visiting the community bakery, the girls were able to see firsthand how different cultures live, taste the food, and maybe step into their shoes for a short time. These sensory experiences allow the girls to gain knowledge in a more meaningful way. I think that’s worth stretching the budget for.

We woke up early to finish packing and get a head start on the long day of driving. No time for a couch photo but I caught the girls (trying to avoid carrying suitcases) for one last photo on the back porch.

A second visit did little to dent our enthusiasm for the island. How can you get tired of this view?

Driving away from the house, we got one last little present from the island.

Or so we thought. We then followed a series of rainbows all the way across the island. Show off. It did keep the girls entertained for the first hour.

Did you think we’d seriously leave the island without more handpies? We even got a free one. It might be the perfect road trip food.

It’s one of the few things Ally will eat without complaint that isn’t nuggets or pasta or involve chocolate chips.

After the rainbows and handpies and crossing the bridge, it was a lot of miles chasing the border and listening to Harry Potter. I’m very happy that we’ve finally got the girls hooked on the stories.

When we filled up the gas tank, I did take one last opportunity to grab those decadent and delicious dark chocolate Kit Kats.

Eventually, we made it back to our truck stop in Bangor. Um, Ce was hungry. She might make a good trucker one day.

Ally’s dinner involved M&Ms, of course. #vacationdad

One last piece of Acadia and the Maritimes with a slice of bumbleberry pie before the final push for home.

You’d think after her pot pie and mashed potatoes that Cecilia would be comatose but she just doesn’t fall asleep in the car. Ally on the other hand could sleep between the garage and the end of the driveway.

We made it home safe and sound. Full of handpies, truck stop food, and some new family memories. Were all those memories perfect? No. Were they irreplaceable? I think so but I’m just the Dad. I’ll ask the girls in a few years.



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