Scenes from Saturday + Rain & Red Cups

I recently learned an important parenting lesson from Olive Garden. No, not from the overcooked pasta or undercooked bread sticks. Rather from Cecilia’s mere fascination with the restaurant. She really likes the pasta there. Or the idea of the pasta there. I can’t explain it. It’s sort of drives me crazy that she likes it so much. We go to many better establishments. Michelle makes homemade pasta. Heck, Ce’s eaten pasta in Rome in the shadow of the Colosseum. Why does this place have such a hold on her?

And then I realized I didn’t need to have an opinion. Just like the unlimited salad and breadsticks, Gary might bring them to the table, but I didn’t need to eat them. It’s possible to not have an opinion. I didn’t need to turn faux-grotto columns and reheated sauces into a thing or let it upset me. Why was I letting the mediocre alfredo provoke me? I shouldn’t.

I could curb my emotions. Who knew the OG could pack in the life lessons just as much as the calories? A good reminder for any Dad and a good reminder for the upcoming Thanksgiving week when we gather and inevitably rub elbows with friends and family who have different opinions. Don’t get mad. Tame your temper. Think of the Olive Garden.

We still don’t know exactly what was wrong with the Dash but I think we’ve finally hit on a treatment and medication that is working which is a relief to all of us (and our vet bills).

Don’t let this photo fool you. He’s rediscovered his appetite and a bit of that puppy energy.

Despite his new found enthusiasm, he is still not a fan of being damp so he was not happy when a rain shower interrupted his search for squirrels and deer.

Not a lot of flash cards yesterday, but still time for some home-spun economic lessons as Cecilia’s Starbucks habit is draining her meager bank account.

A homemade peppermint mocha with frothed milk is much, much cheaper. And the barista will not misspell your name.

I was delighted to be presented with a second econ opportunity minutes later and highlighted the concept of amortizing costs over time when Ally wanted a smoothie and pulled out the high speed blender.

My kids love that their Dad is a morning person! (figure 1. Ally’s face)

Ally’s solo rehearsal attracted an impormptu audience at the studio. I think that’s a good sign she is on to something here.

Just over a month or so until the first performance in January.

Spent some quality time in the universal waste shed to recycle some fluorescent lights. It did cause me to wonder why we no longer recycle alkaline batteries. Turns out there is a reason.

The transfer station always has something to teach.

Cecilia did not see her biology teacher in Marshall’s this week, but we did capture perhaps the best example of teenager side-eye to date for the blog.

A rainy, raw Saturday certainly included some time in the basement arts studio.

Denied her use of outdoor power tools due to the weather, Michelle turned to full Thanksgiving prep.

We finished up the day by attending the middle school production of Aladdin Jr where our friend Jack killed it as the lead. He made Michelle cry.

Then again she sometimes cries at holiday soft drink commercials but no, he was really good and very brave to get up there. Never would I ever…

Have a great Sunday. Make your own breadsticks for dinner!


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