Scenes from Saturday + Rain Games

Halfway through the year and a good time to take stock of goals for the year. I’m more than halfway through the next book. It’s a bit of a mess but that’s normal. The pie baking goal went out the window with the fitness challenge but that’s okay. Goals can be flexible. I’ll conquer that dough fear eventually. Work is still taking place in the living room with the occasional trombone lesson getting airtime on conference calls.

But what about parenting? How do we measure that?

Parenting often feels like saving for retirement. It’s so big and the timeframe so long that you’re not really going to know how you’re doing until its over. The best you can do is contribute steadily and not panic. Through that lens, I think we’re doing okay. We’re showing up, we’re dealing with the eye rolls, they seem mildly embarrassed by us most times, but still return at the end of the day and ask what’s for dinner. I’m giving myself a check.

Traffic wasn’t an issue over the bridge for once, but the early morning clouds were a portent for what the rest of the day would look like.


Ally is giving Dash “car cuddle training” to remain in the back seat and not try to take the wheel while I’m driving.


Good luck trying to duck your birthday with Ally around. It’s just not going to happen. Skipping your birthday does not compute for this girl.


It was right back to puzzling over breakfast. I will say the puzzles with multi-size pieces are good for kids and adults (and Poppy’s) to do together.


He’s always so proud when he’s discovered all the spots where Grammie has tried in vain to hide the tennis balls.


Michelle’s face said it all. Beach houses are meant to be temporary waystations, not all-day dwellings. We had to escape. Rain or not.


You can see how much Ally is enjoying our al fresco beach walk.


At the General Store, Cece ventured beyond the penny candy aisle for once and discovered the antiquities.


Then it was back to the house where we let Grammie cheat at Jenga (you can always use one hand at a time!).


And true feelings and family rivalries came out playing Taboo.

Note, Taboo could really use an update. It was enough of a challenge finding cards Ally could use but ‘Calling card’, ‘Phone Booth’, and ‘Candleabra’ are feeling a bit dated.

Girdle however did lead to some interesting discussion.


Turns out Grammie and Poppy are serious and enthusiastic buzzer users.


We finished up a rainy pre-Fourth with some home movies. Adult Dash was unimpressed with puppy Dash.


At least, we thought we had finished the day. Turns out someone was very determined to get the holiday started. Just when all the kids (and dogs) in the neighborhood had gone to sleep.


Happy Fourth!



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