Scenes from Saturday + Rain & Ducks

We are past Quitter’s Day and admittedly a few of my optimistic New Year’s promises to myself are hanging on by a thread.

What I say when I’m fighting against resistance to build that new habit or maintain a resolution: “There’s just not enough time to fit this into my routine.”

What I actually mean: “I’m not really interested in doing this.”

When I’m taking care of myself (sleeping, moving, eating right) and working on something I am genuinely excited about, finding time is never really an issue.

Perhaps more proof that pickleball might not be a passing fad.

6:15 a.m. and teeming down rain, yet all the pickleball courts were in use on a holiday weekend.

I spent a good chunk of the week trying to perfect a simple, low effort baguette recipe.

I think I finally succeeded. I was happy with the last two results. Mix the night before. Add a couple folds in the first half hour. Let it sit. Divide and bake in the morning. No real shaping or second proof.

This is a 25% whole wheat with sunflower seeds. Nice crispy crust. Soft interior. Not technically a French baguette because I skipped the fussiness of shaping and couches, but still a keeper in my opinion.

Even still, you know I might have been pushing it when the girls woke up to the smell of fresh baked bread and almost eye-rolled an “Again?” as they passed through the kitchen.

We are dealing with a gutter and grading issue that’s causing pools of water in a corner of the house and this recent biblical rain is not helping.

If only we owned a small excavator, Michelle would have been out there in a hard hat and vest.

As it was, she had to make do with a shovel and a broom to dig some trenches and get the water moving.

Dash stayed dry in the garage and acted as the job foreman. He’s a union man.

After the rain stopped and trash was transferred, we took advantage of the warm temperatures and headed into the city for a walkabout.

We checked out the new MLK and Coretta King memorial, The Embrace.

You know the girls are always psyched when I stop at bookstores but there are so few left, I can’t walk past without ducking in.

Scored at the Brattle with two purchases, signed copies of Coronado by Dennis Lehane and The Cruelest Month by Louise Penny.

May they never grow too old to hug the ducklings!

After all the walking, and a passing rainstorm/rainbow, we needed cheese and beer.

We’d somehow never visited the Publick House. I believe it opened just as we were leaving the area. We will definitely be back. It passed the mac ‘n cheese test for Ally . The big bucket of mussels, beer list, and pub cheese and pretzel appetizer were all great.

With Matt Murphy’s gone, this might be a nice winter alternative.

We finished up the day with a little more baking and a warm dessert.

Skillet cookies, couch, memes, Taylor.

Not a bad way to finish another Saturday.


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