Scenes from Saturday + Queso & Cotton Candy

Sometimes the Internet can still burp up something fun and joyful. It’s rare, but it happens.

This post was the best thing I read all week.

I love when two of my separate interests collide in strange and interesting ways.

We were puppy sitting for friends this weekend so most of our free time was spent re-baby proofing the house and chasing a little furball around to make sure he didn’t choke on a shoe.

Dash quickly realized the couch was his safe haven when Ted brought a little too much energy (which was all the time).

Dash would however put up with Ted’s antics if treats were involved.

Michelle was determined to put some of her puppy volunteering hours to work and provide Ted some training.

Despite Dash’s complete indifference, Ted followed his new big brother around (relentlessly).

We still managed to make it to the Transfer Station, of course.

Despite the Swap being closed until spring, you could snag a nice mid-sized Trek as of yesterday afternoon.

Michelle and I abandoned the puppy ship in the afternoon and headed into the city to meet some friends.

I was happy to see that despite all the changes to Fort Point, one thing has remained constant. Nothing has changed at Lucky’s Lounge. Love it. Love the vibe. And love all the old-school cocktails.

We then tried a (new-to-us) Mexican restaurant, mostly based on proximity. No one was wandering around last night in those temperatures.

And we were pleasantly surprised. Any meal that starts off with granita topped with a complimentary tequila shot is at least going to be interesting, but the food was also very good.

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Sort of hard to go wrong with a bowl of cheese but the tacos and cocktails were also well done.

And the check was delivered with a giant swirl of fresh cotton candy. Which we all agreed was sickly sweet and disgusting as we went back for second and thirds and traded carnie stories.

Everyone has one.

Happy Sunday!


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