Scenes from Saturday + Puppies & Piles of…

I learned about the dandelion and orchid parenting metaphor this week. Interesting, in and of itself, but then I tried to figure out what I was.

When I am between projects, I often feel like a dandelion. I feel scattered to the winds, content to land wherever, read whatever, bake whatever, do whatever. I can be easily distracted and can get interested in anything. This is both good and bad. Chaos can be a very fruitful for creativity. My favorite parts of my books often come completely out of the blue.

On the other hand, there are definitely orchid parts of me. Perhaps you’ve heard me talk about flash cards or a compulsive need to vacuum. I’m not sure I could contemplate writing an entire book without a plan, even if that plan gets ripped up and changed many times.

Maybe this metaphor has limits or maybe kids, parents, and artists will always fall somewhere between the extreme. A garden with both is certainly more interesting.

The day began early with a trip to the puppy magical place. Michelle had the first shift of the day. She turned on the lights and puppy chaos ensued. The five week old golden retrievers were very excited to start their day with a visitor.

Of course, there is a dark side to little puppies.

Especially excited puppies that have just woken up. They become excited poop factories.

Still, pretty stinkin’ cute.

For about the fourth straight week, it was a wet, raw, cold Saturday. A typical New England spring morning, but not one that inspired me to throw on the layers and rain gear and go out for a run. I opted for the indoor bike trainer instead.

You know what is an effective antidote to morning puppy love? Catching up on HBO’s The Last of Us. A great series but emotionally grueling.

Unfortunately, Dash does not have an indoor walk option. Not too tough to see how he was feeling about going outside to walk.

No couch this morning. I’m not sure what the calculus is that leads her to sometimes set up shop in the dining room. X = tablet. Y = turquoise comfy. Z = ???

Our second dumpster in the last six months arrived on Thursday. The outdoor siding project started on Friday.

Not pictured? The second port-a-potty in the yard behind the dumpster.

The Hamilton afterburn continues. Ally has been watching and listening all week long. Money well spent.

Now, to translate those lyrics she knows into some historical facts…

No dump drama this week. Everyone was bundled up and keeping their heads down and going about their business. Quick PSA: mattresses and boxsprings now cost money to drop-off.

I think McDonald’s should legally be required to keep the Shamrock shake on the menu until March 17th.

We went down to Providence for a date night and had some really good contemporary Mexican at Dolores.

Providence is just about as close as Boston and the prices are 30% less.

I may not always feel like an orchid but I do always like a well prepared octopus dish.

Welcome to daylight savings. Have a great Sunday!


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