Scenes from Saturday + Puppies, Just Puppies

We are coming up on report card and conference season and this is just a reminder to myself not to get distracted. Easier said than done. Life has a way of filling any empty space with opportunities, responsibilities, competition, glitter. It can consume us.

So this is a reminder to myself: keep the main thing, the main thing. This might be different for every family or individual but for me, as a Dad, it’s not to lose sight of the main job: raising well-adjusted, self-reliant, decent, happy kids. It’s not hitting benchmarks, or a certain GPA, or college.

The main thing is for them to be healthy, have good values, and have a good sense of who they are and what they want to spend their life on.

Everything else is secondary. Nice, but not necessary.

P.S., The main main thing, of course, is to love them and to love them while we can. I don’t generally need a reminder of that.

Now, on to the puppies.

This might be the easiest blog post ever. Just scrolling pictures of five-week old puppies, but we did do a few other things first.

The weekend got off to a rocky start with Walgreen’s letting us know late Friday night that they had conveniently canceled Ally’s second vaccination dose.

So, we started the weekend scouring the greater Boston area for other locations. Michelle’s perseverance eventually paid off (for now) with another dose after just a week’s delay.

There was a lot of HR voice used to secure the appointment. HR voice gets things done.

I returned from a chilly run to find child #1 in her usual…. wait, she’s on her laptop at the table.

“Ce, are you doing work?”

“Yes, I’m documenting my Christmas list to make it easier to send to people.”

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Not exactly what I had in mind.

Michelle channeled her frustration into cooking (most of the leaves have been taken care of). Ally’s birthday is on Monday and she requested stuffed shells as her birthday dinner.

Picked up some bibs for the local 5k tomorrow. Will we see you out there? Which 14 year old will beat me this year?

Ally made time for some dance practice.

Twenty years ago when we found this giant mirror on the sidewalk near our first apartment in Brookline, I certainly didn’t see it as a dance studio centerpiece in our future house.

I resisted getting the tree last weekend but could not hold back the gates of seasonal tradition and cheer any longer. Humbug.

After lunch, it was time for the main event. We recently found out that a neighbor volunteers at Golden Opportunities, a local non-profit that raises and trains retrievers to work as service dogs.

She mentioned that it was a little crazy as they had two simultaneous new litters of puppies and needed volunteers to come and just play with the dogs.

We said, “What time do you need us?”

So, we spent the afternoon surrounded by small balls of furry cuteness. And more than a little bit of pee. But mostly cuteness.

It really was impossible to walk out of there feeling any stress. Or wanting to take a warm nap.

Michelle was in charge of the pasta, I was in charge of the baking. Ally wanted a chocolate chocolate cake (not to be confused with the cake she requested for her actual party).

She picked Joy the Baker’s chocolate peanut butter birthday cake.

The rest of the night was spent decorating the tree.

And presumably dreaming about puppies….(blatant excuse for one more puppy pic).


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