Scenes from Saturday + Puddles & Bubbles

We made it. Despite synced calendars, a multi-tab spreadsheet and electronic funds transfer, we somehow managed to double book camp last week. That left this week looming with an entire five days to both work and act as cruise director for the kid’s summer enjoyment. 

What happened? Nothing. And it was perfect. With a little benign neglect, some help from the grandparents, and a pack of Sculpey clay, the girls made it through the week with only a few moments of whinging boredom. 

Cries of boredom were ignored. Unless there was blood. Then I threw a box of Band-Aids down the basement. 

Conference calls were taken. Work was done. Less than a case of wine was drunk. I’m calling that a successful week as a summer cruise director.


We started our Saturday double-barreled on the couch with some live Disney show. I can’t keep them straight. Michelle must have allowed it in a moment of weakness. We both detest how dumb they make the adults and perpetuate other stereotypes. Alas, sometimes coffee trumps parenting first thing in the morning.


While Michelle was out with the Saturday morning running group, the girls and I were in the kitchen.

Four times a year we make chili for Haley House in the city. It’s a bunch of chopping, but fortunately, I have four extra hands now that like to practice their knife skills on peppers and celery.


When I was a kid, one of my chores was to empty the dishwasher. Despite only taking a few minutes, I remember hating it. It appears that sentiment has not changed. It’s recently been added to the girl’s list and, let’s just say, that Cecilia readily volunteers to do math flashcards than empty the dishwasher.


Said it before, but Tangerini’s Flower share CSA is a great deal. They vastly expanded the flowers they planted so the choice and selection each week is great. It also serves a secondary purpose: helping the girls deal with bee fears!


While Michelle and the girls were at the farm for the flowers, I was trying to squeeze in a ride (easier on my knee) before the rain that was bearing down hit. 

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I didn’t make it.


The rain didn’t stop the girls from going outside with the neighbors. I asked what they were doing. They told me, “Blowing bubbles in the rain.” Which sounded suspiciously like the a lost Steely Dan yacht rock track. “Keeping it smooth, even in the groove. I’m blowing bubbles in the rain….”


After coming inside and changing outfits (of course), it was time for lunch. Ally loves couscous, which is great, but also the biggest pain in the ass to clean up outside of glitter.


When Dash was a puppy and the girls were younger, we called him the Paci-Hunter. He would constantly find, take, seek, and destroy Ally’s bottle nipples and pacifiers. Today we found him frantically digging in Ally’s closet and he emerged with an old bottle top. It must be like finding lost Halloween candy in July for the girls. 


Another outfit change and back outside. Maybe this week without structure inspired them?


Cecilia’s vacation hat arrived. She was very excited. It did not come off the rest of the day.


It wouldn’t be a Saturday without some crafts. They used up the last of their clay creating charms and pretending to make YouTube crafting videos. Anything to be on camera for Ally.


Can you guess if this photo was taken before or after Saturday mass?


Ally continues to find the heirloom tomatoes we pick highly tasty, but also highly amusing. The resemblance to a butt is not lost on a five-year-old.


After a family dinner, it was time for the ladies to continue wearing out the Anne of Green Gables DVDs.


Another Saturday done. Another week of our story written. Back to camp next week for the girls which means a vacation for me!


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