Scenes from Saturday + Pops & Pools

I was the (virtual) guest author at a book club in Houston this week. It was a blast. If there is one thing I can talk about its books. We spent over an hour diving deep into thrillers, favorite authors, the writing process, and, of course, my book. They read the first book in my series, a novel that is now over fifteen years old. This was the book I wrote on the train into work while Michelle was pregnant with Cecilia.

It’s easy to dismiss early work as insignificant. But those low-stakes efforts are crucial; they prepare you for the high-stakes challenges ahead. They build the confidence needed to keep pushing forward. Without that first book, there wouldn’t be six more in the series. Or the confidence to try a brand-new series and fix all those mistakes from the first book! It’s a reminder that finishing and releasing your work is far better than keeping it hidden away.

As I re-read it, I was pleasantly surprised. My inner critic was much harsher than what was on the page. Sure, my answer to most plot knots was to ruthlessly kill somone, but the writing was pretty good. I killed them eloquently.

I believe the main barrier to publishing or releasing any work is often the reluctance to exchange the dream of success for the reality of feedback. Don’t fall into this trap. Show your work. It’s typically far better than you think and the only way to improve.

Dash is not working for the weekend. He is not splitting hairs between Wednesday and Saturday. He is a man of routine and sleeping in on Saturday for even an extra half hour… is not in his plans.

You wake up to this:

It’s disconcerting and makes falling back asleep difficult.

And what are we keeping him from?

We were rewarded by waking up to a Dionne Warwick classic.

Originally written for Rod Stewart by Burt Bacharach before it became a huge hit for Warwick and released for AIDS research fundraising in 1986.

After the hustle and bustle of dance competition season ending, we had a mellow weekend.

The big event was the high school music program’s end of year Pops show. It involved costumes. Cecilia took some convincing.

But first, the usual Saturday errands, starting with the always controversial bangs trim.

Also not a great day to hang out at the transfer station and discuss sorting policy. It was in and out.

Allison will be performing Taps at the Dale St. School Memorial Day assembly next week.

She likes to practice outdoors. It brings a certain… mood to the neighborhood.

So the Pops concert is organized by the seniors and includes each section performing in costumes.

This year the theme was decades, or eras. The trombones were MC Hammer.

Sadly, no one did the pants but Cecilia came around on the gold vest and glasses.

The final medley of 80s songs brought down the house. You can’t say these kids didn’t know their audience. No Bon Jovi though. Missed opportunity there.

We finished up Saturday with an after concert pool party to celebrate a year of hard work and great performances by the kids.

They were not dissuaded by the rainy weather though, the high school kids needed the younger kids to break the ice and get in the pool/hot tub first.

The adults did not get in the pool. Cecilia threatened three years of silence if I followed through on my surprise cannonball threat.

It would have been legendary.

Happy Sunday!


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