Scenes from Saturday + Pool & Peroni

I made good on a four year promise this week when I took Cecilia to Six Flags as part of her twelfth birthday. Be very careful what you casually say when they are eight. Kids remember everything.

We planned, we plotted, we watched the weather, we figured out the best routes and the best deals. And things mostly worked out. We had a great day. I hope we had a memorable day but I don’t really get to choose.

Despite all the planning and stress, what I’ve heard her mention most to others afterward wasn’t the coasters or wild rides but the M&M design on the park’s entrance steps, the various tattoos on the people in line, the frappuccino she got at Starbucks on the way, and the Nutella pizza the restaurant had on the menu.

We can stress about perfect summer vacations or special birthdays but mostly its the little ordinary moments that stick. Big or little, I’m happy she will at least remember who else was there with her.

Even starting out the day on the Cape couch, we can’t escape the bumbling sitcom parent. I think Dash’s face appropriately sums up my feelings.

Luckily, we didn’t stick around to see what hijinks the parents bumbled through but rather took advantage of the cool start and flat Cape terrain to get a workout in.

We tried running together. It lasted about five minutes. That’s me in the yellow circle.

Not too difficult to get the legs moving when you are running to these views.

Sadly, while it made the legs feel a little happier, it did nothing to make the weights feel any lighter. The high school age pool attendant didn’t know what to make of our pool-side workout.

Now that she’s a third grader, she’s taking over the griddle for morning pancakes. Ce is moving up to management.

Playing blackjack with Grammie. Not exactly flash cards, but I’ll take what I can get in the summer.

A slightly cool and windy start meant there was time for a little shopping before the bathing suits.

Even though it wasn’t for sale, Ally lobbied to get this sign for her room.

It took a little parental intervention but pool friends mean more chapters get read by me in the shade. I’m sure that high school kid / lifeguard had it covered.

Balance in any relationship is key to long term success. Just like I’m more the indoor cat to Michelle’s…. is there a constantly in-motion construction cat?

I am more the pool person and Michelle prefers the beach. I do not love sand or not being able to see my feet in the water. My imagination goes into overdrive.

I can get behind beers on the beach.

After getting rained out on Memorial Day and getting wedding-out of my lobster roll the next weekend, we finally officially kicked off the Cape season with a proper seafood boil. Coming up on ten years, finally feeling like I’ve got a good method to the madness.

Unsolicited advice: the secret is not to actually boil it, but steep it. Gives you a bigger window to get everything cooked and seasoned properly without being rubbery.

The birthday boy certainly had no complaints. Plenty of properly cooked scallops for him.

After a boil (and leftover birthday cake), it’s important to move. The girls finished a good Cape Saturday with a proper “night” walk with Grammie.


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