Scenes from Saturday + Pomp, Pollen & Pizza

The new book has been out in the world for a little over a month and that means reviews and feedback have been coming in and I realized recently that how I deal with that feedback has changed over the years.

I used to fear and cower from it. I’d have a knee jerk reaction to all of it. Any criticism couldn’t possibly be right. What did they know? I was the author. Now, I listen and I often cherish the flaws more than the praise.

What critics and readers often don’t like or find uncomfortable or different about a work is often the best and most interesting thing about it. Those are the parts worth digging into. Those are the parts that keep a work unique and individual.

They are not always right. Neither am I. But it’s worth listening to carefully.

I find the monarchy a curiosity. I think Michelle just likes the jewels and the gold carriages.

The girls just had a lot of questions. Mostly about the horses’ hair.

Post coronation viewing, we had the See Me Autism 5k to run for Michelle’s work.

Nothing like introducing your husband to co-workers as he tries to avoid dripping sweat on them.

Great weather for the event, but running through a haze of pollen was not a pleasant experience.

The swap is officially open. A lot of drop offs yesterday. There will be lots of fresh treasure to pick through next week.

Also, new stickers are now available (at town hall, not the DPW offices). Bright yellow this year.

Haircuts for the ladies in the afternoon.

It’s always a serious negotiation with Cecilia. You get one shot with her. If you go against her wishes…you are dead to her.

Meanwhile, back at the house, cold proofed Neapolitan pizza dough was portioned out and prepped for dinner.

There is an eight grade dance coming up in a few weeks and shopping for a dress was getting… stressful for mother and daughter.

But there was a breakthrough yesterday! A dress had been acquired but there is an embargo on pictures until the big day.

Cecilia is very… mmm… deliberate when she is shopping which left Michelle plenty of time to get into trouble.

One side benefit to No Mow May? Lots of patches of clover to pick through to find a lucky one.

After a few weeks that felt closer to March than May, we finally had a nice, warm night. Best not to waste it.

Best to fill it with family and friends.

The best end to a Saturday? A crowded table.


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