Scenes from Saturday + Pizza & Power Tools

The house is blessedly quiet this morning. It’s not that my heart is two sizes too small. It’s the endless repetition of the same 14 songs. By this point in the month you’ve likely already been sent to Whamaggedon many times over or heard the strident opening bars of Mariah at least 27 times.

If all you want for Christmas is something a little different, we’ve enjoyed these playlists the last few days and given ourselves a break from many of the usual songs.

I’m looking forward to baking many (many) cookies next week and hoping KUTX runs their weeklong holiday mix again to accompany me in the kitchen.

Nine new puppies to help reduce the holiday stress. Go sign up to be a puppy sitter for GoFi.

Reduce the stress, if you are anyone but the puppies’ Mom. Or, maybe the one boy puppy out of the litter.

Recital is today, so there was some last minute cram sessions, yesterday, including some hand wringing about wardrobe.

For once, Michelle wasn’t the only family member using power tools on the weekend.

Proving it’s never too late to get a start on those New Year’s resolutions, I snuck in my 2023 goal of completing a woodworking project.

I not only make pizzas, I now make pizza peels.

I was pretty happy with my initial effort.

And I was also happy to barter my oven and pizza-making knowledge for the planer and jigsaw lesson.

Here’s a moody transfer station shot if you need one to complete your 2024 calendar.

Back at home, there was some sort of T. Swift craft going on.

I mostly assume anything the women are doing in the house at this point is somehow connected to Taylor.

While cookie production won’t get into full swing until Monday, there was pasta prep for our traditional Christmas Eve seven seafood linguine.

A new pasta attachment and a daughter willing to help out, made things go relatively smoothly.

With the mild temperatures, the girls went over and checked out the lights of the Fatima shrine.

And ran into Grammie and Poppy in the “Jesus shop” (the gift and charity shop).

I tried to convince everyone to watch the traditional Christmas series “Reacher” with me but was voted down. Bing took out Reacher very quickly.

Have a great Sunday! Seek out some different Christmas music if you dare.


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