Scenes from Saturday + Pickles & Ice Cream

Sorry, I’m back this week and Michelle has returned to her frantic weekend to-do lists but she’s promised to return and post more in the future to give you a break from my Dad jokes and baking stories.
Last weekend I was away on Friday and Saturday running an overnight relay race with friends. On one hand that sounds rather selfish, abdicating your responsibilities and literally running off with your friends. But I think it also sets an example. 
There is just about no single thing that comes close to exercise in terms of universal benefits. We need exercise and by showing your kids how to exercise you are going to improve and extend not only your own equality of life, but you are going to help theirs, as well. Be in shape and be healthy. That’s perhaps one of the simpler things in parenting.

There were plenty of things to do but we managed to sneak in an episode of The Brady Bunch on the couch before Saturday really got rolling.


Cecilia also made her special slow and low scrambled eggs.


Then it was time for some early morning field hockey.


I’m still about 50% confused on the rules even after talking to one of the refs before the game. It all seems pretty arbitrary but Ce had fun and her team came back in the second half to win 2-1. 


Michelle was gone on a work retreat so I was happy to have apple picking as a morning activity even though it was close to 85 degrees.


You can probably tell a lot about your child from how they eat a caramel apple.


The downside to picking apples in the heat? Bees. And kid’s reactions to bees. We had a nice 5 minute picnic before they found us.


After fleeing to the car, we hit up our second favorite bookstore on the way home. After exercise, another easy parenting win? Always be reading.


Back home, I had to get some real food in them. Natural or not, cider, apples, and caramel treats had them buzzing. If it’s not dessert, Ally mostly exists on a rotation of tacos, pasta, and cereal.


Mom came home and I saved her a piece of mustard pickle we bought at the farm. Much to the kid’s delight, she was not a fan. This is very similar to her martini face.


I think the food mellowed them out as we made it through two piano practices and the trombone without many complaints.


The girls took Dash for a walk at the hospital (his happy off-leash place) where he exuberantly interrupted a family photo shoot and made sure every in a three-square mile radius gave him some pets.


While they were away, I used the Friday ice cream to make up some mini sandwiches (a bit ugly looking but very tasty, I thought) because with summer over it was….


…the return of dominoes night.


And of course, there was only one way we could end this 21st Saturday in September. 


The girls were more confused than appreciative of their parents’ wedding dance floor moves. Dancing with your kids, not a bad way to chase the clouds away. Ba-de-ya…