Scenes from Saturday + Peaches & Pretzels

Sometimes people will ask if the blog is staged. The answer is no. I try not to, at least. I certainly sometimes makes the girls pose or stand (for, according to them, an embarrassingly long time) for multiple photos but they are not props. We haven’t done anything just of the sake of the blog.

The blog is a time machine full of memories and the memories that matter are not staged. There is no need The photos that will remind me of the great times do not require elaborate staging. They just happen.

It’s a split squad blog today. Michelle took the day off on Friday and drove the girls down to their grandparents in Jersey for one last visit before school fills up the agenda.

Dash and I stayed at home. Michelle took pictures otherwise it would have just been me and photos of book pages or laptop screens.

I believe I was the first one up and caught up with friends during an hour’s run in some very (welcome) fall-like temperatures.

When the girls are away, Dash worries. He chases down every knock and noise in the house.

Back in Jersey, Cecilia started the day the traditional DiLisi way with the blowing of the conch shell.

Beyond reading and writing, I did prep some pizza dough for when the girls return on Sunday night. Trying to find a Neapolitan recipe I like for wood ovens.

Late August is like Lollapalooza for Jersey farms. I’ve been told to clear a lot of room in the refrigerators. If you live nearby expect some peaches in your mailbox.

It’s taken more than ten years but the girls have finally accepted that people down there actually say the word Wawa in public with a straight face.

After purchasing produce, they hit up Papa’s farm plot to pick even more.

Wawa pretzels and farmland for as far as the eye can see. It should be the Southern NJ Chamber of Commerce new slogan.

I didn’t actually sit on the couch all day. I had to mow the lawn for 30 minutes. If we have to get rid of the Focus, this will take the crown as my longest-tenured appliance. Fifteen years and still cutting.

The girls got the stories behind all of Grandmother’s sparkly purses.

Visiting other people’s homes does not deter Ally’s ambition to dress up in costume and dance at least once a day.

Allison’s new favorite safety meal (after beans and rice) is gnocchi. She has a strange unchild-like dislike of mac ‘n cheese and grilled cheese. She might be a garden gnome in child’s clothing.

Saturdays. Never staged! Sometimes posed.


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