Scenes from Saturday + Pasta!

Father’s Day eve was a dishwater gray day, all day. In truth, I don’t mind a drizzly day once in awhile. There’s less pressure to wring every ounce from the day. I take it as a personal invitation to slow down. Mow the lawn tomorrow. Maybe read a book. Definitely take a nap. 

These hard-earned nuggets of fatherly wisdom are, of course, lost on my children. They just want me to stop talking in front of the TV and maybe, could you hurry up toasting those Pop-tarts?

What other indignities did I endure yesterday? Let’s find out….

We start on the couch, but with a twist!

Some of the later Full House episodes are a little too adult for the girls, so we selectively delete episodes. This week was a heavy delete week, so the girls ran through their recorded allotment on Friday night.

This included DJ’s prom episode (where Jesse and the Rippers were the house band, of course) which led Michelle to pause the show and give the girls a very special lecture on girl power and sticking with your friends.

TL, DR. The girls didn’t watch Full House on Saturday morning, instead Michelle took the opportunity to once again try to get them watch Beauty and the Beast (animated version). They did end up getting through most of it, but it is not a cuddly, warm and bright story. It is darker and scarier than you might remember.


After an encounter with the Beast, we needed some frivolity to lighten the mood. Cecilia cashed in some of her after-school program commendations for one of those water-hatching egg monstrosities.

Twelve hours later there is a fist-sized, gel chicken floating around in a bowl like a demented vision from Jim Henson’s brain. The girls seem to like it, however.


Would you like to know one of the (many, wonderful) differences between me and my wife? Where I found an invitation to slow down, she saw it as an opportunity to crank it up.

The plan was to make homemade pasta and meatballs (black bean meatballs for me) for my Father’s Day dinner. So, she got to work on the dough.

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Besides the homemade pasta, another part of my Father’s Day weekend was a parental day pass to skip out on errands and go see a movie. I happily took her up on that while the girls went to get some summer hair cuts.

Turns out not many people hit the theatre at 10:30 a.m. Just the way I like it. One other couple came in late, ruining my dream of having the whole place to myself.


Remember that part about Michelle being unable to take it slow? When I returned from the theatre, looking forward to cashing in my nap coupon, I found a whole other family in the kitchen and not one, but two cakes in progress.

Our friends just had a baby, so Michelle and her partner in crime (hi, Kate!) decided they would make the new baby a birthday cake.


Of course, if you make a cake and then try to remove it from a house full of kids, you are asking for a mutiny, so we had to bake another one that stayed put. The kids had fun mixing the colors for this one.


After cake baking and cleanup, the kids were in restaurant mode and set up a whole Play-doh diner complete with waitress and short order cook. There were a lot of unique items on the menu.


After dropping off the baby birthday cake, Chelle’s kitchen adventure’s continued as she rolled and cut the pasta. You’ll notice the addition of the wine in part two of pasta making. That’s a required step in making good pasta.


The cake and pasta making turned into an impromptu dinner party (the best kind). Michelle’s pasta and meatballs turned out great. All the kids had big plates without complaint.


And of course, after pasta, there was (finally – according to the kids) cake to end the night.


Homemade pasta, copious wine, good friends, boisterous kids (in the other room). Not a bad day. String enough of those together and you’re doing O.K. 



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