Scenes from Saturday + Pasta & Pollen

I realized I’ve reached the age where each medical appointment is probably going to find something. Might be something. Could be nothing. Let’s keep an eye on it. Or, let’s do another test.

I’m not great at being patient. Whether it’s a road race, a traffic jam, or a medical test. My default reaction is often anxiety.

Waiting three days for results leaves you no choice but to be patient and keep breathing. This is still a work in progress for me (Michelle handles it much better), but it gave me a glimpse of the rewards patience can bring. I realized anxiety is about control, while patience is about faith. Sometimes, having faith and being patient brings you closer to what you want than anxiety ever could.

Not everything can be fixed, controlled, or made to feel okay. Sometimes, you just have to be patient, have faith, and breathe—even if it’s for three days.

Another lesson I learned is that medical equipment is incredibly precise. So precise that it often picks up things that don’t matter. Like in this case. Everything was fine.

Dash has become more stubborn in his senior years. Some days he just doesn’t want to walk, but yesterday was a good day. He was up early and got his steps in.

Also, if there is a global apocalypse, you can find the Donohue family living inside this enormous rhododendron. Update your holiday card address list accordingly.

Cecilia was playing in the band as part of the high school graduation ceremony. Band concert attire does not fit the current styles (has it ever?) and each time a new outfit is needed leads to some mother-daughter friction about just how frumpy the outfit that Michelle picked out online really is.

How much discussion can there be around the innocuous requirement of “black skirt or dress?”

Oh, quite a few days, but it ended with a (resigned) smile. And about four packages going back to Amazon.

The fastest glue gun in Norfolk county. This week Ally has been into her version of paper mache using old books that the school was throwing away.

The gargoyle in the main transfer room has a new friend. This mysterious dwarf (goblin) statue is now available to grant wishes and terrify small children (and middle aged men).

I don’t really understand the reusable water bottle trend, never mind the insanity over Stanley, but it’s still a thing. We need to check every store display for new colors or variations.

If you could survive the pollen, it was a nice day to be out in the garden.

We filled a dozen or so containers with tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and lettuce.

I’m trying Bread & Salt and Brown Sugar as two tomato varietals this year. As a baker, I couldn’t pass them up.

At three of the six houses on our small street, the lawn is primarily mowed by the women.

Michelle wants to start a lady mowers club. There is merch potential there.

It’s that time of year. If you live near a stream or a pond, the turtles are hatching.

We pulled over to (carefully) help this mama snapper and a hatchling across the street.

Not a duplicate picture. Six hours later, I found her back downstairs with her glue gun again.

Michelle was just a shapeless house dress (and maybe some home brewed wine) away from her Sicilian relatives as she made pasta and fava beans for dinner.

Dragon fruit is the cauliflower of the fruit world, texture with no taste, but Ally loves it and used it in the dessert she made us.

She also learned that not all whipped cream comes from a can. She was very impressed with the fresh whip.

Have a patient and lovely Sunday!


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