Scenes from Saturday + Packing, Popsicles & Pizza

One unlikely pitfall of working from home most days is the unexplainable urge to constantly vacuum. I can only chalk it up to how ineffective I find most work meetings or just how strong my need to procrastinate is that I’ll clean before sitting down at my desk.

This week, I was straightening up (in preparation for the addictive vacuuming) and came across a Sharpie cap in the living room. Just the cap. Is there a scarier thing to find as a parent? I immediately checked the walls, carpet, and fur around Dash’s mouth. No joy.

So far the other half of the marker remains missing…

The DVD of this spring’s dance recital arrived this week and the girls are already wearing it out. One routine uses the Game of Thrones theme music. It definitely perked up the crowd during the live performance.


Perfect running weather this morning. Combined, Michelle and I managed to cover 15 miles before 8 a.m. The sunrise views didn’t hurt. Didn’t make it any easier either.


Both kids have loose teeth they hope to lose by the trip. Cecilia lost hers on Friday. Random lost tooth #14 = whatever spare change the tooth fairy can find in their fairy dresser at 11 p.m.


Got back from the run and found this. If there is any truth in the proverb that idle hand’s are the devil’s playthings then Michelle is going directly to heaven.


Ally on the other hand….the girls loves a good weekend lounge.


There is photographic proof however that she is able to move if she gets hungry enough.


We were on point for the post-game treat this week at soccer. It was an important (and lengthy) deliberation in front of the freezer cases. In the end, she chose Italian ice. 

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It was also the only one clearly marked as gluten-free. Didn’t have to worry about that when we just got orange slices and tap water and played uphill both ways.


Lots of water breaks today. Not sure if they were inspired by the start of the Women’s World Cup but our girl power line dominated the purple today though of course it all ended in a fun-fun tie. 


Back home for a little lunch which mostly involves a negotiation with Allison on what she’ll eat besides plain pasta. I haggled her down to a peanut butter and jelly. To avoid soggy jelly seep-through, peanut butter is always spread on both sides. Otherwise you’re just doing it wrong.


The neighbors came out so there was some time spent decorating the driveway with chalk “paint.”


Then it was off to do some last minute travel shopping. Unclear if this photo shows sisters hugging or pushing? 


Modeling and sampling travel pillows for Dad.


Inspired, back at home, they set up their own shoe store. Which really only served to remind Michelle how many old pairs we had and to make a new to-do item to clean them out.


It’s interesting to see the difference in the two kid’s personalities when they get tired. If they need a break (usually from each other), Ally will almost always choose inside.


Ce is the opposite.


Dinner was some grilled pizzas.


And of course, dinner at our house almost always includes a dance course. Never a bad way to end the day.



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