Scenes from Saturday + Outside & Otto

In the winter months, many of our friends disappear on the weekends to ski. We are not a skiing a family. Neither Michelle nor I ever really learned. In truth, we aren’t really winter people, either. Which has worked out alright the past few years because we haven’t had too much snow. That might change this week with another nor’easter threatening.

Which brings me to the snails.

The one aspect I do like about winter snowstorms is the way it forces you to slow down. To live life in the slow lane, or at least the slower lane. Like a snail.

Which brings me to the medieval fighting snails.

The internet can still delight. My favorite part, other than historians having no idea why they appeared in manuscripts, is that they were primarily there to make people laugh.

“The basic idea is the overturning of existing or expected hierarchies. It is supposed to be surprising and even funny – I think we get that implicitly today,” she says.

Medieval snail memes!

I have been mostly absent from the Saturday group runs for the past month or so mainly because…it was December and January and cold and gross and a treadmill felt like an appropriately punishing alternative.

However, this Saturday promised unseasonable warmth and a lack of ready-made excuses.

So out I went even though the unseasonable warmth hadn’t really hit yet at 7 a.m.

Ally’s first order of business on waking up was to show me the shopping list she’d made for the Super Bowl. Regular nachos won’t do. They must be Super Bowl worthy.

Lots of traffic on the trails today. Lots of stop-and-sniff time. Lots of pee-mail to read/smell for Dash.

Dash bath. He paid a price for his trail time.

The girls now might spend hours in the bathroom but we still have one big baby that just doesn’t like to get clean.

The spring dance circuit isn’t far off but for now its just Chucks and Saturday rehearsals.

Whether it’s BJ’s or Costco, if I’m not there, I now send Ally as my surrogate cart protector to keep Michelle from falling under the warehouse spell and talking herself into a Ghillie suit or a head-sized wheel of Gouda.

More outside time before the impending snow. Also a reminder that Ally needs a new bike soon.

Why not? Sometimes you just gotta open Saturday afternoon champagne.

Michelle has an irrational fear of champagne corks taking out her eye, so it falls to me to rescue each bottle.

I’ll admit, it felt a little weird to watch the EPL while drinking champagne but Spurs won so maybe I need to make it a habit?

We finished off the faux-spring day with some couch time and the Tom Hanks remake of A Man Called Otto which was a faithful adaptation of the book, for better and worse.

Happy Sunday! I hope you enjoy the game, or the commercials, or tracking Taylor, with friends and family.


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