Scenes from Saturday + One Last Time

This spring we won a raffle for a round of golf and a hotel stay on the Cape. Ironically, it’s about a mile from Grammie and Poppy’s place in Brewster. It also couldn’t be used during the summer or during holidays….so, welcome to the Cape in the offseason!

The great thing about visiting the Cape in the off-season is there are no waits, no crowds, and very little traffic. Dash is allowed on the beach. Lobster rolls are $2. The sharks have moved on. The bike path becomes a moving escalator. I’m kidding about the lobster rolls.

On the other hand, visiting the Cape in that vacation wasteland between Labor Day and Memorial Day means a whole lot of things are closed. If you’re not into visiting organic cranberry bogs, you might have a hard time finding something to do. Luckily for the girls, the hotel gave us access to an indoor pool or they might have been new temporary Ocean Spray employees for the weekend

We start the day….well, I’m sure the girls started it on the couch, but we were a mile away in a hotel room. Waking up without Liv and Maddie.

It was glorious. It freed us up to do silly things like go out for breakfast that didn’t involve an entree with whip cream and smiley faces. Michelle still couldn’t restrain herself from acting like a child at the restaurant.


Still it was nice to get an excited welcome back when we did get to the beach house (and Liv and Maddie was still on, so didn’t miss much).

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I think Allison might be spending too much time with Grammie! She really commits to her role.


Dash was also very excited to see us after a night apart, but not as excited as he was to get on the beach. He still hates the water, but he has a burning passion for chasing seagulls.


Then it was time for Poppy and I to hit the golf course. Unfortunately, even free golf loses it’s allure in the wind, rain and finger-numbing temperatures. 


Of course, the alternative was to be stuck indoors with two little goblins putting together a haunted gingerbread house. That’s a lot of easy access to sugar. Maybe shivering while trying to hit a 5-iron in the rain wasn’t so bad.


The great thing about Halloween gingerbread houses is that any mistakes can be chalked up to design. Dripping candy? Spooky. Lopsided house? Spooky. Ally got into the act, too. Missing candy corns? Not Ally. Spooky.


After all that spookiness (sugar), it was time for Michelle to take advantage of the hotel’s indoor pool.


We made it to church. If you had Ally falls asleep before the Nicene creed you are the big winner.


Finally, after mass and just before a final seafood dinner, the sun came out. Too late for golf, but in time for one last walk on the beach. One last sunset. One last Dash sprint through the sand. See you next year, Cape.


Oh, and here’s an organic cranberry bog. You thought I was kidding?