Scenes from Saturday + No Retreat, No Surrender

My favorite month is going by too quickly. It’s half over. The only thing I really don’t like about October is dressing up for Halloween and PSL flavors. Everything else, I’m all in.

A haphazard list of the good things I’ve enjoyed so far: waking up earlier than the sun, audiobooks and walks in the woods, Stephen King’s Holly, a new Thursday Murder Club to make me smile, baking bread, homemade soup, hot pizza from the Ooni, fire pits and a properly-toasted marshmallow, pulling weeds and cleaning out the garden pots, a 24-hour stream celebrating Thelonious Monk’s birthday, Oktoberfest beer, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, caramel apples, pulling out favorite sweaters, spooky movies, and waking up from a nap with your dog. Is there anything better than an afternoon fall nap?

A long run, mostly on trails, to start the day then some puppy sitting.

Puppies don’t mind if you sweat like a melting glacier.

Then we had to take care of our own puppy. Not a bad backdrop for a walk at the State Hospital grounds.

After hitting the craft store for more bracelet supplies, it was off to see some friends in a show.

Then it was time for Saturday’s main event.

There’s really no escape at this point. I just let it wash over me.

Outfits were prepped.

More bracelets were made.

Souvenir soft drinks were acquired.

At this point, I’m relatively surprised there are not T. Swift-shaped gummi candies.

The concert movie was thoroughly enjoyed.

The Taylor Swift widows met up for a therapy session at a local brewery.

A fine, fall Saturday was had by all.


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