Scenes from Saturday + Nips & Sips

A co-worker asked me this week how I find the time to keep up and maintain all my non-work activities. It’s a question I get frequently and I typically give the same answer. It’s rarely doing the work that is hard, it’s starting the work. Before your day job, or after your day job, there are plenty of stolen moments you can grab to get things done. Once you begin, it’s often easier to just keep going.

Probably a cliche you’ve heard before, but it’s a cliche for a reason. Get on the treadmill for 5 minutes. Read one chapter. Do one lesson. There is compounding power in small habits. It’s how novels get written and marathons completed.

I’d add one thing, if you’re trying something creative: finish. Amateurs starts, pros finish.

The new book is out in a little less than two weeks. You can pre-order it now.

More puppy therapy to start the weekend. These guys are super-cute and getting more playful each week but it doesn’t make their needle teeth any less sharp.

They have a distinct taste for denim and shoe laces.

Eating the leftover leprechaun breakfast.

She is still fervently hoping that one day the leprechaun will bring the box of cereal with just marshmallows.

I do have a habit of sometimes overcomlicating desserts and baked goods.

This simple chocolate chip pound cake is dead simple and always a hit.

The mayor of Noon Hill was out and about inspecting (and sometimes licking) his domain.

The indoor/outdoor home renovation project is almost complete. Most of the front and side siding is now installed.

The looming question is whether to put the shutters back on. Any opinions? The girls are voting no shutters.

Related to the siding project, we are replacing the lights and lanterns, which led to a trip to the home improvement store, which naturally led to dancing in the aisles.

We tried a new-to-us restaurant for dinner with friends. We are pretty pick with restaurants and this one tripped a few warning bells: large, eclectic menu across cuisines mostly. Pizza and bao really shouldn’t be on the same menu, but it worked out. Food was solid. Or, we ordered correctly. Good falafel.

This is the proud face of a child that has eaten half a pound of chocolate chip cake while her parents were away.

Finally, just like puppy sitting. A good day is when they are too tired to even make it up the stairs for bed.

Have a good Sunday!


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